When was the last time you had some ‘Me Time’?  The last time you hit pause on your fast paced lifestyle and just breathed?

Juggling career, family and social activities can be overwhelming but equally important is the need for you to make time to replenish your batteries because running on just adrenaline and stress, without pausing to nurture yourself will eventually take its toll on your health and wellbeing.

Spending just 20 minutes every day to do some simple actions and activities will go a long way to improving your mental, emotional and physical self. So what can you do? Try incorporating the following scientifically proven strategies in your routine!



Nothing keeps you looking and feeling young (read carefree) like regular exercise. Thousands of studies have shown that physical exercise is a highly effective way to reduce stress and improve your physical health.

Whether you decide to take a walk, swim, do yoga or Pilates, dance or whatever else tickles your fancy, getting your sweat on with cardiovascular activities is a great way to take care of yourself!


Read for pleasure

pretty teenager black african college student girl smiling and reading a book in the library - making me timeA good book can take you anywhere in an instant – a crypt in the pyramids of Giza, a café filled with spies in Cape Town, a Russian submarine deep in the Atlantic ocean – virtually anywhere that takes you far away from your daily grind.


Take a power nap

power-nap - 53856905 - people, rest, comfort and leisure concept - african american young woman sleeping on sofa at homeMany of us know firsthand the benefits of a 10 – 20 minute nap thanks to school. If we had a coin for every lesson that was saved by a power nap…

The science behind the siesta is solid. Studies show that daytime sleep improves cardiovascular health. Not to mention how wonderful, clear and bright the world seems after a nap.


De-clutter a space

beautiful housewife washing the dishes - making me timeWe all have that corner that could do with more organization. It could be your work desk, living room or drawer. Put on your Martha Stewart hat and de-clutter it, Pinterest will offer you some fantastic tips on how to do so. You will feel accomplished productive, and ready to take on the world at the end of it all!


Have a drink

22404989 - pretty african woman sipping from coffee mugAnd no, I’m not talking about a large G&T here… If you have a nagging question front and center of your mind, take the time out to let your creative juices flow while sipping on a cup of tea, a glass of juice or water. Let your mind wander to places unknown. You may not have the solution at the end, but this little distraction will certainly reduce your stress levels.


These five strategies are effective and should be simple enough to incorporate into your daily routine. Why don’t you take some time to nurture yourself with one or two, and relish your me-time!

This article was written by Clare Oparo, health and beauty blogger behind Marco + Bash.

Image credits: www.123rf.com.


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