Táta Storytime, the platform where beautiful stories are brought to life and narrated by high-profile Black award-winning actors, now has a new website.

Tata Storytime
David Harewood reading Hey You for Tata Storytime

Táta Storytime, initially launched in 2020 as a YouTube channel, was created by Okezie Morro, an actor who created the show after being inspired by wanting his daughter to feel seen and represented in the storybooks that he read to her.


“We must be the change we want to see!” says Tàta Storytime founder


In our previous coverage, Okezie said: “I was disappointed at the lack of books that had lead characters that look like my daughter and also the lack of books that reflected our heritage.”

Táta Storytime centres the importance of featuring a Black protagonist and Black characters. “They are read by the actors with expressive voices and facial expressions along with added sound effects, which help bring the stories to life.”

Two years on, the unique storytelling subscription has launched their website. Tatastorytime.com is a fun platform that continues the brand’s aim of shining a light on stories that celebrate African and Caribbean heritage, where both children and adults discover stories that shape into different cultures that entertain and educates – an exciting space for children to learn cultural values whilst they preserve their identity.

Tàta Storytime
Okezie Morro reads Femi the Fox, a pot of Jollof by Jeanette Kwakye on Tàta Storytime

Speaking on his platform’s latest incarnation, Okezie said: “We’ve partnered with some of the world’s top publishing houses – Penguin Random House, Macmillan and more, to showcase and honour underrepresented Black authors.

“This platform is a positive and reflective representation of today’s current society that enables literacy skills, imagination, empathy and community building for all families, teachers and for children to have fun whilst learning through entertainment.”

Celebrity storytellers have shared their approval and endorsement of Tàta Storytime:

Sarah Niles Ted Lasso, Apple TV+, Three Sisters by Innua Ellams

“These stories allow children to see themselves – it sparks their imagination and keeps their legacy. As an adult I love it!”

Tata Storytime
Sarah Niles reading Fruits for Tata Storytime

Kelechi Okafor PRU, BBC Three

“We need a more diverse children’s book industry, A new landscape for how we view imagination and childhood.”

Tata Storytime
Kelechi Okafor reading Look Up for Tata Storytime

David Harewood Supergirl, Sky One

“I’ve not seen anything like this before, it’s great to have diverse stories being told, that all can enjoy. Tàta Storytime needs to be mainstream.”

While the new website presents an opportunity for a bigger audience, where children from every race can access these wonderful stories, the original goal remains the same, for his daughter and other Black children to feel represented through both the stories and the storytellers. Okezie: “I want this show to educate and entertain children all over the world and bring more on-screen representation to children’s TV.”

Visit the Táta Storytime website.

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