Do you know how often and the best way to wash your makeup brushes? Professional celebrity makeup artist Joy Adenuga gives us the lowdown.

If you have invested in a good set of makeup brushes, you want them to last a long time, right? Add to that the fact that not cleaning your makeup brushes well enough can be bad for your skin. This is why professional makeup artist Joy Adenuga is passionate about encouraging everyone to look after their makeup brushes properly.

Makeup brushes
Joy Adenuga: “You should wash your makeup brushes and tools every seven to 10 days”
Credit: @JoyAdenuga Instagram

If anyone should know about the importance of taking care of beauty makeup brushes, it’s Adenuga. Makeup artist to celebrities and the trusted MUA to brides and anyone who wants the wow factor for a special day, Joy recently did the makeup for BAFTA rising star winner’s Bukky Bakray, for her big night.


With her own award-winning, vegan beauty line of beauty brushes, Joy, has recently launched her range of makeup brush soap. By Joy Adenuga Solid Brush Soap is a vegan cleansing soap bar that is infused with vitamin C, Olive Fruit Oil, Shea Oil and Chinese Licorice to soothe the skin. It also comes with a brush cleaning mat designed to achieve a deeper cleanse.

In an exclusive chat with Melan, Adenuga shared her five tips for looking after your makeup brushes. According to Adenuga: “You should wash your makeup brushes and tools every seven to 10 days to protect your skin and kill any harmful bacteria that may be lingering.”

Read on for more on the importance of washing your beauty brushes…

Cleaning thoroughly keeps your brushes in tip-top shape

It’s important to wash your brushes on a weekly basis. Product from highlighter, eyeshadow, powder and bronzer will build up on your brush and can dry out the bristles, creating a scratchier feeling on the skin. It’s no good having the best makeup products if your tools are dirty and aren’t as effective at applying the products.

Makeup brushes
By Joy Adenuga Brush Soap and makeup brushes

Kill germs and remove dirt

Cleaning your beauty brushes regularly helps to kill germs and remove dirt, plus a clean brush won’t compromise your application, making it easier to blend product onto the skin and deposit it evenly.


Give your brushes a longer life

Cleaning your brushes will help the longevity of your brushes. As a makeup artist, I work on a lot of different faces and my brushes need to last and get me from A to B! The cleaning treatment they’re in is super important to this, as I only want to use natural ingredients that leave them properly cleansed and clean so that they’re as good as new every time.

Prevent skin irritation

Dirty makeup brushes could be making your skin worse if not cleaned properly. Acne breakouts and rashes can develop as a result of dirt and oil build-up.


How to clean your brushes using By Joy Adenuga Brush Soap

  • Simply dampen your brush in cool water and place the rubber disc that comes with the soap in the tinned lid
  • Next, swish your makeup brush in a circular motion in the Brush Soap, and use the grooves in the rubber disc to vigorously clean your brushes.
  • Rinse with water and squeeze out the excess solution before leaving to dry.
  • Due to its mild formula, for heavily stained brushes we suggest double cleaning your brushes for a deeper cleanse.


Watch this Instagram reel on how to use the By Joy Adenuga Solid Brush Soap

Buy By Joy Adenuga Brush Soap, (100g) | £18 | on the By Joy Adenuga website.

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