Melan Magazine meets radio personality Angie Greaves who talks about life in lockdown, parenting, her new podcast and who is on her interview wish list.

When it comes to women in radio, Angie Greaves has been a trailblazing the airwaves for more than 20 years and has hung out with some of the most iconic names in entertainment.

With her current Drive-Time show and Sunday Vibes on Smooth FM, Angie continues to uplift the nation with inspiring interviews, clever content and good tunes that will simply make you feel good.

Taking some time out of her busy schedule, Angie Greaves meets with Melan Magazine to tell us more about how she balanced working in lockdown with parenting and her plans for future projects.

Angie Greaves
Angie Greaves
Photography credit: Gareth Bailey

Hi Angie, thanks for joining us today. So, tell us, how has life in lockdown been for you?

I am very well thank you! I guess, the first lockdown was very new to us all and a lot changed, really fast. We were introduced to a lot of new vocabulary for the first time. Whether you felt comfortable or not, it was very much a case of listening to government guidance and going along with what we were advised. A few months later, the second lockdown felt quite uneasy because we were just starting to adapt to the easing of restrictions and things going back to normal. So, when the third lockdown happened, it got people on [edge] as it gave people a reason to believe that the decisions being made by the powers that be were not as positive as they could be. Families were tested, relationships were tested, finances were tested, it was really tough. It was definitely a difficult lockdown to embrace, so as we come out of it, my hope is that things will get better this time.


What was it like as a parent living with your two daughters during lockdown?

In the first lockdown, we had more meaningful conversations and time to talk about things that really mattered. The second lockdown was difficult for my younger daughter as she was studying performing arts on a schedule, whereas my oldest daughter was furloughed in the first lockdown and started working staggered hours in the second. In third lockdown my youngest daughter found it especially tough because she was seeing theatres close and that’s the career that she’s been working towards. It was a hard time for her, and I had to encourage her to just get that diploma. Throughout all three lockdowns, I definitely had to practice parental responsibility on all levels, physically, financially, mentally and emotionally.


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Tell us a bit about your current radio show on Smooth FM? What can listeners expect to hear?

I felt like my most productive time in radio at Magic FM was my Drive Time show, which I stopped when my oldest daughter was doing her GCSE’s. Now that my girls are older, I have gone back to drive time at Smooth FM and it’s great. I finish at 7pm so the girls have some time to themselves before I get home. I see my Drive Time slot on Smooth FM as more of a service show – if you’ve had a hard day at work or college, it is something to bridge the gap between afternoon and evening together. On a Sunday morning, I also do another show on Smooth FM called the Sunday Morning Vibe. To me, Sunday mornings are just a blank canvas, it’s however you choose to spend your day. Whether you go to church, are walking the dog, decorating or doing your laundry – we provide the music and great vibes as the soundtrack to your Sunday.


You’ve interviewed so many high-profile celebrities during your career. Can you share some of your most memorable moments?

I loved interviewing Iyanla Vanzant, the whole vibe of getting into her books and her hearing that I’ve been talking about her on my show and her reaching out to me was a career highlight. There have been so many other memorable moments in my career – I loved interviewing Smokey Robinson, Sister Sledge, Beverly Knight, Stormzy. There are so many people that I have interviewed, but so many more that I would like to interview. I’d love to sit in a room with the likes of Viola Davis, Michelle Obama and the list goes on.

What words of encouragement would you give to a woman who is thinking about making a major career change later in life?

In the words of Nike, ‘Just Do It’. If you are already thinking about it, it means you are ready then. Steve Harvey has a great video on YouTube that says if you can’t stop thinking about, take that risk and just jump and do it. If you wake up every morning thinking that there’s got to be something better, it’s because there is.


I know you are a book fanatic? What are you reading at the moment?

There are two books that kept me going throughout lockdown. The first one was the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz which are: don’t take anything personally, always do best, never make assumption and always be impeccable with your word. And the other book is by Vex King titled Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King. I would definitely recommend both these books to your readers.


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How has your style changed in lockdown?

In the first lockdown, I lived in a tracksuit. I completely lost my sense of fashion. Like myself, a lot of women lost their confidence in lockdown which is why I launched ‘Fashion Friday’. My ethos is just one day a week, put on an outfit that you know you are going to feel good in, whether it is high-street or designer, put on your makeup and just step out like a boss.


You are also big on beauty. What beauty products are you currently loving?

Skincare is important for me – I’m always cleansing, toning, moisturiser. I couldn’t live without my L’Oréal Colour Match N9 – that’s my go-to foundation. Recently, I’ve purchased a lot of new eyeshadow palettes from Revolution that I am really enjoying experimenting with so depending on the clothes I wear, I will create an eye makeup look to match. I also really love Maybelline eyeshadow palettes and Bobbi Brown. As a person of African-Caribbean descent, looking after my hair is of course super important to me. Today, I’m wearing a wig, but I do also make it a priority to care for my natural hair underneath.

Angie Greaves
Angie Greaves
Photography credit: Gareth Bailey

We hear that you are working on a new podcast. Can you tell us more?

Yes, I am working on a podcast and my YouTube channel. Radio will always form the backbone of my working day but there is something to be said when you can take your DNA and put it on the right platform. I have to be upfront and say that it’s not that I don’t take my own DNA and put it on radio but when you have a blank canvas, it broadens you. I’m really excited to launch my podcast and YouTube content soon.


While we are on the subject, what kind of podcasts are you into?

One that I do love is about the female menopause – which I like to call puberty part 2. I think that we have to be a bit more open about these things. Your 50s are the new 30s now and it gives you a completely new lease of life, so I love women’s health, women’s sexual health and talking about sex when you are older. It is really great that we have these platforms to speak about these issues and not have to whisper anymore.

Angie Greaves
Angie Greaves
Photography credit: Gareth Bailey


And finally, what advice would you give to your younger self?

That’s a great question and it was actually trending on Twitter last week. I do an exercise every morning where I imagine myself as 13 years of age either side of a wall of fire. As I walk in-between the walls and as I get older, the walls of fire get lower and lower. As I come up to present day, I’m in the sea and it’s clear and it’s blue and it’s shining. I don’t look back because that would mean that I’d want to go back into the fire. So, the advice I would give myself would be to congratulate yourself, congratulate your teenage self and don’t be so hard on yourself.

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