Playwright Somalia Seaton’s heartfelt letter, which tells how Black women have felt during the Black Lives Matter movement, has been made into an evocative short film.

Black women
Still from A Response to Your Message

A Response to Your Message features an open letter written by Somalia Seaton, a British-Jamaican and Nigerian award-winning screenwriter and playwright, born and raised in South-East London.

Somalia Seaton told Melan: The film is a response to the white guilt that found its way into the inboxes of many already fatigued Black people during the rise of racial tensions we saw across the globe this summer, in the wake of the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many others. It’s a film that explores the many depictions of Black Womxn existing, freely. They are dancing, running, relaxing, existing in motion, reclaiming space for joy and tenderness.”

The film features more than 45 intergenerational Black womxn, including actors, artists, dancers and performers, and is a visual celebration of Black womxn engaged in ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance.’

Black women
Still from A Response to Your Message

Somalia’s debut play Crowning Glory premiered at the Royal Stratford Theatre. She is currently under commission to The Royal Court, Royal Shakespeare Court and The Young Vic.

In an interview with BushGreen, Somalia spoke about what motivates her: “I am inspired by subject matters that make us uncomfortable, things that we need to talk about so we can evoke change.”

“I want people to leave having watched my work to feel like they have been called to action and are ready!”

Black women
Somalia Seaton
Image credit: BushGreen Theatre

The letter is read by popular British actress Susan Wokoma, who’s previous projects include hilarious television sitcom Chewing Gum and E4 BAFTA winner comedy horror, Crazyhead. Susan has recently starred in comedy horror Truth Seekers.

Popular names who appear in the short film include, T’nia Miller, who stars in new Netflix drama series, Haunting of Bly Manor. The film also features a home filmed video by Candice Brathwaite, Sunday Times bestselling author of debut novel I Am Not Your Baby Mother.

Response To Your Message is available to watch online at or on socials @aresponsefilm

This article was written by Nicole Hemming

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