Women In Digital Business has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support women from underrepresented groups who want to launch or scale up their digital business and they need your help.

Women in Digital Business
Women in Digital Business founder Natalia Nicholson

Digital marketer and motivational speaker Natalia Nicholson founded Women in Digital Business, backed by NatWest, having seen first-hand the hardships experienced by women from under-represented groups running their online business.

Melan has highlighted many times how women, particularly Black women, are overlooked when it comes to getting financial support for their businesses. Less than 10% of all start-up funding for businesses in the UK is awarded to a company with a woman at the helm. The numbers decline further when it comes to Black women, just 5% of those companies are led by someone from an underrepresented group.

The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be put towards investing in 10 female-led online UK businesses that have already gone through the mastermind programme successfully and proven themselves to be viable. These eligible companies will receive a £10,000 investment to further their goals and scale their operations so that they can reap greater profits.

The 12-month programme offers a complete day of training each month for its participants so that they can learn how to set up a sales funnel, how to use social media platforms to their benefit and how to develop a strong digital marketing strategy.

Participants in the programme can also benefit from a weekly call during which they can have their questions answered and receive valuable advice from an experienced entrepreneur to enable them to keep their enterprise firmly on track.

“… there has not been enough support given to women in technology, most especially towards women from the least represented communities.”

Individuals, businesses and organisations can donate to this initiative and can be assured that their investment will be supporting an essential cause.

Natalia said: “The lack of diversity in the digital space has also been a hot topic that needs addressing, as there has not been enough support given to women in technology, most especially towards women from the least represented communities.

“It couldn’t be more obvious that something has to change and this is why we have launched the crowdfunding campaign, backed by NatWest.”

Learn more about the Women In Digital Business crowdfunding campaign here.

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