In the long list of dos and don’ts during lockdown, looking after our natural hair and giving it some TLC is most definitely a do! Here are some ideas on how you can care for your hair and be your own hair stylist during the lockdown.

A quick scroll through our social media galleries shows that some of us are dealing with our hair and beauty regimes with varying degrees of success. On the plus side it’s good to see the reality that we are all #alonetogether and people are observing the guidance to stay home. However, an upshot of the lockdown is that our regular trips to the hair salon and hair stylist are cancelled for the foreseeable future. It’s also become a little more difficult to secure the hair products we need to keep our hair popping.

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Whether you like to keep your hair pressed and laid, natural and gorgeous or you’re a protective style queen, we’ve got five tips to help you show your hair some loving during lockdown.

Maintain your usual regime

While it may be very tempting to roll out of bed with your bonnet or silk scarf still intact and keep it moving since you’ve got nowhere to go (no judgement if you do this some days, lockdown can be testing!), we all know that when it comes to afro hair, moisture is key! By maintaining your usual hair regime, you will keep your hair looking moisturised and flourishing.

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Experiment with DIY products

Being in lockdown may mean that you have to wait longer to get your hands on your favourite products. While that is frustrating, it can also be a good opportunity to use some of the products you already have in your house to create DIY products. Afro hairstylist, Kemi Akinbola told Dazed:

“Now’s the time to play around with the oils in your cabinet. Extra virgin olive oil is a good moisturiser and people also like to use coconut oil; peppermint oil is anti-inflammatory if you have an itchy scalp. I like castor oil because it’s very good and I have a lot of hair.”

So, if you’ve got oils, butters, or even an avocado or a banana lying around, why not add it in the mix to a deep conditioner for extra moisture? Get experimenting ladies.

Show your scalp some love

For many of us, the lockdown has been challenging and self-care has become an even higher priority. An easy way to release some stress and show your scalp some TLC is to give yourself a scalp massage. Grab your favourite oil, take your time while massaging your scalp and feel the stress melt away. Scalp massages also stimulate blood circulation in the scalp which can help to promote new growth. Give yourself a scalp massage and thank us later!


Don’t neglect your hair if it’s in braids or (insert protective style)

Protective styles are always a great option, who doesn’t like the ease of waking up and your hair is already done? But while your hair might be tucked away in a protective style, it’s still super important to ensure that you’re still looking after it. Winnie Awa, the founder of Antidote Street shared some tips to maintain protective styles:

  • Dilute your shampoo with water and spray it on your scalp to keep it cleansed
  • Use a silk scarf to lock in the moisture
  • Use oil-based moisturisers to avoid a dry and flaky scalp
  • Re-braid /twist the front section to give your protective style a new lease of life and help to extend the amount of time you keep your protective style in.


Experiment by trying a new hairstyle

Being locked indoors can easily leave you feeling unsure about what to do next, so why not use some of that energy to try your hand at a new hair style? You might not have anywhere to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still slay (even if it’s only to sit in the living room!).


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