If you had one wish, what would it be? We’d hazard a guess that ‘more time’ would be high up on that list. Well, this year, your wish is about to come true because as it’s a Leap Year, we all get an entire bonus day for the first time in four years!

Leap Year

If you’re anything like the Melan team your mind is probably about to combust with the possibilities of what you can do with a precious extra 24 hours. Our advice is to not let the day get lost in the overspill of your usual tasks and activities of your day to day life. Instead, why don’t you take our advice and do one of the fabulous things on our list below and feel the satisfaction of a day truly well spent. Remember, the 29th of February falls on a Saturday, so there’s absolutely no excuse!


Book a hidden tour of London – live like a tourist for a day



You know the best places to eat and where to catch the best sights through your frequent destination holidays, but when was the last time you paid the same attention to the capital? London attracts millions of visitors who travel from far and wide to explore our rich and diverse city. Isn’t it about time you put away your commuter mood and enjoyed London like a tourist would?

Book a theatre show | London Theatre Direct
See the city via a hop on hop off bus | The Original Tour
Enjoy the city via the Thames | City Cruises


Volunteer for a charity          



How about you pay it forward by offering your time at a charity or shelter? There are loads of places offering vital support and services to those in need that could use your help. From the crucial work of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), CRISIS, a national charity for homeless people, to Shout; a free text message line operating 24/7 for people in mental health crisis launched by the young Royals, the list on how you can give back is endless.

Volunteer |  ACLT
Volunteer | Shout
Volunteer | Great Ormond Street Hospital Weekend Club
Volunteer | Crisis


Organise a day of self-love and pampering



While being the organised and efficient women that we are, we often forget to take care of number 1. When was the last time you truly relaxed and focused on yourself? This Leap Year, book yourself a luxuriant pamper session or spa and shut out the outside world to concentrate on just you for once.

Enjoy an experience day for HER | Red Letter Days
Book a Spa day | Lastminute.com


Visit another country for a day



To really throw yourself into this challenge why not book a day trip to a neighbouring country? If you’re 9 to 5 already involves a long commute, a short flight to Portugal (2.5hrs), Paris (1.10hrs) or Rome (2.20hrs) is nothing and will be little longer than your daily trek to work. If you plan it right, you could possibly turn your Leap Year day into a three-day weekend. Result!


Write your will



Time to get serious. This is one of those things that we keep meaning to do, but just never seem to find the time. However, we urge you to try, as writing your will is an extremely important part of adulting. In the words of J.Lo, whether you have a little or a lot, the only way you can guarantee how your worldly goods will be distributed is by leaving a will to ensure your children and/or loved ones are looked after.


Write yourself a letter to be opened in the next Leap Year



What would you say to your future self? They say hindsight is a beautiful thing, so, four years from now, would you be proud of the person that you would have become? A powerful and no doubt therapeutic act would be spending some time to write a letter to your future self. As ever, there is an app for that! Okay, not an app, but a website. Future Me allows you to write a letter to your future self and you can set the date that you wish to receive it. This one is too exciting not to try!



Start a new sport/activity



How about using the extra 24 hours to finally start that sport or activity that you’ve always hankered after? They say the day we stop learning is the day we start to die! You’re a long way from kicking the bucket so be brave and single-minded about it. Be it fencing, knitting, swimming or learning a new language, there’s no better time to get the ball rolling than during your bonus 24 hours this Leap Year.


Make a start on your book collection



At last count, there are more than 20 books beside my bed waiting to be read (too many for the bedside table!) and I bet you’re the same. There must have been a reason why you bought those books in the first place so how about using your free time to crack open the spine on a book that you bought but just haven’t had time to read yet? There are some pretty awesome outcomes from reading so maybe it’s high time you got back into the habit.


Increase your knowledge by taking an online course



If you’re an emerging entrepreneur or actively building your side hustle, chances are you’ve discovered that being a boss isn’t as glam as it is in the movies, and at this stage of your empire building, all it really means is that you have to wear many hats. You’ve probably discovered loads of skills gaps that you simply don’t have the knowledge to fix. What better way to use your bonus day than to invest in your business, and yourself, by taking on some personal or professional development?

Career Contessa
City Lit


Book a brunch date with your girls



One of the best ways to destress and re-centre yourself is hanging out with your day ones! What’s even better is if you include food and mimosas in your meet-up. In my opinion, a brunch-date with your girlfriends is the equivalent of switching off and switching on again your computer. It’s good for your mind, body and soul!


Arrange a romantic overnight stay in London with your lover



Who says you have to wait until you travel overseas before you can enjoy the decadent luxury of a sophisticated hotel? Be boujis and book an overnight stay at one of the many luxurious hotels in the capital. Enjoy, the dinner, well-appointed accommodation and the delicious breakfast the morning after the night before.

Bespoke Hotels


Disconnect from the world



If you were ever going switch off your phone and not use it all day, what better day to do it than on the one day that isn’t really a day? Admit it, your phone is always in your hand, only a few clicks away from checking your timeline or your favourite celebs gallery. Whatever did we used to do before smart phones were invented? Now’s your chance to refresh your memory. Disconnecting from your mobile phone will allow you to be really present in the things that you need to do. Who knows, after trying this, you might be tempted to make it a regular occurrence!


Spring clean



Nothing helps declutter the mind than a deep clean of your home, yes, even shampooing the carpets and washing all the duvets in the house! While not everyone’s idea of a fun thing to do on a day off, the benefits of a clean and fragrant house on good mental wellbeing should never be underestimated.


Binge watch that Netflix series you’ve been saving forever



Remember those watercooler catchups with your colleagues about the latest Netflix series, that you could only nod vaguely about because you hadn’t watch it yet? Now’s your chance to binge-watch like you’ve never binge-watched before. You’ll probably re-emerge with square eyes, but at least you’ll finally know what everyone was talking about!



Create a vision board for the next five years



What happens when you bring together visualisation, affirmation and structure for all the things you want to achieve for yourself? A blueprint for how you’re going to make it happen! Having a vision board is a powerful way to hone in on what you really want to manifest in your life and as they say, seeing is believing. This Leap Year, why not articulate your plans for the next five years by creating your very own vison board?

How to create a vision board

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