Palette is a book for the women who have, for so long, been left out of the beauty conversation, a labour of love, written by Glamour Executive Editor and Beauty Director, Observer Beauty Columnist and former British Vogue Beauty Editor Funmi Fetto.


Imagine you’re 14 years old. You walk into a chemist on a Saturday afternoon with your friends. You’re the only person of colour in the group. Everyone is trying on foundations and you’re the only one who can’t find a match. How does that make you feel? This is a scenario that many of us have been in, at various times in our lives. That familiar feeling of invisibility and being overlooked.

Thankfully, in recent years, the beauty industry is waking up to the fact that women of colour are here, and we typically outspend our white counterparts at the beauty counters. But the fact remains that for many of us things are still very much hit and miss when it comes to knowing what beauty products are best for Black skin.

Palette, is a carefully curated guide to over 150 make up, skin care and hair care products that every Black woman should have on her radar.

The idea for palette came to Funmi after years of being asked by friends, family, colleagues and strangers on the street for advice on beauty products suitable for women of colour – women who faced the same struggle as her, to find products catering to their skin tone. Funmi has drawn on her 15 years of experience in journalism and beauty writing for high profile publications to create an essential guide to inclusive beauty.

The result, Palette, is a carefully curated guide to over 150 make up, skin care and hair care products that every Black woman should have on her radar.

Speaking about her book, Funmi said: “I feel strongly about the message of the book – to speak to the beauty industry at large about the lack of inclusivity and representation of Black women. And it needs to go beyond the shades of our foundation.”

Palette is coffee table book goals. A truly beautiful book, with stunning illustrations of featured products and a clear layout. It is also an authentic ‘bible’ in the sense that it is packed full of insider knowledge and expert guidance on skin, makeup and hair products. You will love the ‘Things to Note’ commentary dotted throughout the book and Funmi’s honest, informative and engaging writing style.


Palette is an important and necessary book. It is at once Funmi’s rallying cry to make the beauty industry as diverse as its consumers, and indispensable reading for anyone who has ever asked the questions “do I need a serum?” or “can I pull off a red lipstick?” Yes you do, and yes, you can, and here’s where to find them.

Funmi dedicates Palette: “To every woman of colour. This is for us.” We say, “Thank you Funmi!”

Buy Palette here.

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