The Italian Coast offers some of the most picturesque vistas in Europe. Continuing her whistle-stop tour of some of Italy’s most beautiful locations, Louise Chandler’s latest stops were the charming city of Naples and other towns along the Italian Coast. Read on for her guide on where to go and top tips.



The compact centre of Naples is filled with palaces, churches and shops, but the bay of Naples has a calm pedestrianised promenade that runs parallel with the sea.

This sea front area is lined with modern and welcoming cafes, bars and restaurants that allow you to eat and drink until your heart is content and your tummy is full!


Italian Coast

Naples is laid out on a grid of hectic and sometimes filthy streets with historic buildings dotted in between such as the bold Castel Nuovo – a castle that once had royal residents.

Naples is the birth place of pizza so it’s THE place to try a traditionally made Margarita or Marinara pizza. I actually signed up for a pizza making class which was brilliant fun to nail the technique of making, kneading and stretching dough then completing the dish with toppings – buon appetito!

The nearby port allows you to take regular ferries to Capri, Sorrento and neighbouring destinations across the water… and so I did!


This is an incredibly picturesque village frequented by the rich and famous, built on jagged mountain edges that seem to be so high up, at times, my ears popped from the sheer altitude. The multitude of houses are painted pastel colours overlooking a calm aquamarine sea. This makes it the ideal setting for a fresh fish lunch or dinner and a few casual glasses of vino, followed by locally made Lemoncello as an after-dinner treat! Be prepared for lots of steeps stairs so comfortable shoes are a must!

Top Tip: As you travel from west to east, the roads have sharp turns, hilly ascends and descends and narrow bottle neck junctions so if you are a nervous driver, join a tour group or travel via train to visit some of these areas.


Italian Coast


This is a well-developed holiday resort that has a relaxed and laid-back vibe allowing you to purchase locally made leather products like sandals and handbags. This peaceful coastal town offers panoramic sea views if you manage to clamber up and perch on high cliffs and hill tops. The area may be small, but its reputation for class and high pedigree hotels made me feel like I had stumbled across a real treasure that has a gentle climate and delicious cannoli to gorge on!

Everything you heard about the town of Amalfi is true! It has awesome blue waters that make it look like an Instagram ready filter has been applied to the scene, except – this is nature at its best.


Everything you heard about the town of Amalfi is true! It has awesome blue waters that make it look like an Instagram ready filter has been applied to the scene, except – this is nature at its best. Experience la dolce vita (the sweet life) with small, narrow-cobbled streets and the stony seaside and be sure to take a dip in the warm waters. Terracotta pottery is a popular recreational activity in this area, so you may want to buy a few authentically made ornaments and souvenirs that are vividly painted in yellows, oranges and reds.

Italian Coast
Louise Chandler


Hop on board the ferry that takes around an hour and you’ll find yourself in Capri. It is a quiet and almost sleepy fishing village that is full of souvenir shops and places to grab a snack or dinner. There is something charming about the island. Famous for its celebrities and super rich visitors, this small island has a deluxe feel – this must explain why I paid 30 euros for a cocktail and a few small cakes! There are chair lifts, quaint squares and boat trips to the ‘Blue Grotto’ to take in different views of the small island but the small areas can get busy so be prepared for queues!

Look out for the final review in our Italian review series next week.

This article was written by Louise Chandler.



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