There’s no stopping woman of the moment, Naomie Harris. Raised in North London by her Jamaican-born mother, Carmen, Naomie shot to fame after an early start in television. Since then, she’s been in Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, Moonlight and now, the latest Warner Brothers Sci-Fi monster film, Rampage.

Starring alongside Dwayne Johnson, Naomie plays Dr Kate Caldwell, a geneticist in the action movie. She tells Porter“The reason I wanted to do it was largely because after Moonlight [2017’s Best Picture Oscar winner], I did get a lot of [film] offers, but they were all very much along the lines of [her drug-addicted character] Paula. So, ‘Do you want to play the haggard mother’ or ‘Do you want to play the crack addict?’ And I read [the script for Rampage] and was like, ‘This is nothing like Paula! Completely the opposite’.” who team up with a giant gorilla to stop two other giant monsters from tearing up the city.

Naomie as Kate Caldwell

As far as sci-fi movies go, Rampage had all the special effects that you’d expect, especially in the exclusive 4D version playing in Leicester Square Empire Cinema. The star of the show was no doubt, Naomie Harris, acting as the female lead and heroine, Kate Caldwell. Previously well-known for her role in Moonlight, she has been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and BAFTA Award.


The actress has also been in the headlines for supporting the Hollywood Times Up movement against sexual harrassment in the acting profession. More than 300 actresses signed up to the petition in January and Naomie says, “It’s just about wanting equality. That’s a basic human right. It’s crazy that in 2018 we’re still debating this.”

Next in store for Naomie

Naomie’s acting career has been ion the rise since 1987 when she took the role of Joyce in the TV series, Simon and the Witch. Since then, she has played strong, no-nonsense female characters like Tia Dalma in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Eve Moneypenny (she requested to be called a Bond Woman rather than a Bond Girl) in two James Bond films alongside Daniel Craig.

This Autumn, we’re set to see her on the big screens again in Mowgli, an Andy Serkis action fantasy take on Rudyard Kiping’s classic where Naomie Harris will be playing Nisha. We’re also anticipating her appearance in the 2019 Bond film, Bond 25.

Rampage is out in cinemas now.

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