Wakanda fever has gripped the UK and despite months of anticipation and teasers, we were still not ready for the experience.

Arriving in UK theatres on Tuesday 13 February 2018, Black Panther is making its presence felt, with rave reviews from every corner. The cast must be working overtime, with appearances on the UK’s most popular TV shows and radio stations.

What happened when we interviewed Lupita and Danai? #BlackPantherWe weren’t going to be left out and grabbed the opportunity to interview two of the film’s leading ladies, Lupita Nyong’o who played Nakia and Danai Gurira, who played Okoye.

It really did feel like being in the presence of royalty. With only five minutes, we got down to business. When asked what messages they took away from the film, Danai said: “For me, I hope the precedent is set, that there is never a time where we need to compromise and diminish all the specificity that comes with telling an African story.  That it can be done unapologetically, it can be done entirely from our perspective, it can be done with well fleshed-out, fully developed characters and it can be done on an epic scale, and it will have great resonance with many different types of people.”

Without revealing any spoilers, a poignant aspect in the film is how women are revered and allowed to be anything they want to be. It was refreshing to see how the film dealt with both Lupita and Danai’s love interests. Lupita said: The purpose of Nakia in the narrative is not for T’Challa to pursue her.” She continued: “Women have a more dynamic role to play in society and to see a man like T’Challa, who is the leader of a nation, who despite the very complicated relationship with Nakia still seeks her counsel, still really deeply respects her as he tries to get what he wants in a number of different ways, you know. So, it’s a very mature love interest story and that’s what’s important, you know.”

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