It’s streaming season and Netflix is coming through! To help you with the wide selection available on the streaming website, here’s a couple of our faves that we really think you should look out for!

She’s Gotta Have It

What we’re watching on Netflix: She's Gotta Have It and Mudbound

Remember Spike Lee’s 1986 movie She’s Gotta Have It? His first feature-length film that earned him positive reviews and somewhat kick-started his career? Well, it’s back and it’s been adapted into a Netflix TV series.

While it follows a similar storyline, Spike Lee’s new adaptation has been reworked to appeal to a contemporary audience. Nola Darling, played by DeWanda Wise, is dealing with the gentrified reality of Brooklyn. On top of already struggling to stay true to herself and her aspirations, Nola finds herself in a familiar three-way love rectangle.

On the TV adaptation, Spike Lee commented:

“Now we had the time and the money to fully create this world of Nola Darling – an expansion. And also it’s contemporary. There were a couple people that were saying, “Well, we’ll do it again, but we’ll still keep it back in 1986.” I don’t want to do that. That’d really be making the movie over…We want to bring some new energy, some new life to it.”

Watch this, the soundtrack, which includes The Isley Brothers, Brian McKnight, Maxwell etc, is out of this world! It will bring back all the feelings of yesteryear.



What we’re watching on Netflix: She's Gotta Have It and Mudbound

This is one film that’s been getting rave reviews everywhere. Mudbound is a critically acclaimed period drama film set in a segregated post-World War II that tells the story of two men, one black and one white who’ve formed a friendship, which is based on shared war experiences, but is looked down upon by many.

However, it appears Mary J Blige seems to be the one stealing the spotlight in this one earning herself the Hollywood Breakout Actress Award from the Hollywood Film Awards and Breakthrough Performance from Indie Wire.

Though this is not the singer’s first acting role, this is her first major role that has proven the singer can also deliver a killer acting performance.

In an interview the singer said:

“I cried. I cried a whole lot when I finished it [the script]. It reminded me of the times we’re living in now and how everyone has to realise that we are closer [to each other] than we think. Only love can change the hatred in the world, and at the end of the day, we’re all realising that love has no colour and no race.”


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