We all know how essential eating well is to maintaining good health.

As we get older, what we put in our mouth, and perhaps more importantly, what we don’t, has an even greater impact on our overall wellbeing. One health foodie, Lorraine Palmer, claims that eating raw food helped to calm her hormones and even settled the symptoms of her menopause. Could she be on to something?

Seemingly at odds with the staple of most black households where mealtimes are often the culmination of considerable time spent cooking over a hot stove, a recent spate of vegan documentaries is showing that more of us are embracing alternative diets.

Lorraine Palmer, an expert on raw foods and the author of best-selling books, has been on a mission to teach others about nourishing our bodies by eating more raw (plant based) and vegan foods.

So, what is raw food? Basically, any food that is not heated above 115 F / 46 C. It consists of plants only so no meat, fish, eggs or dairy are used. Lorraine says she can make anything from cakes to crisps using plants and claims it’s a panacea to better health.

She said:

“Just because you eat raw food doesn’t mean you should miss out on anything tasty. Rice, pizza, noodles, cake, biscuits can be made, for example, from cauliflower, courgettes, nuts, seeds, coconut, herbs and avocado.”


“Eating this way relieved my own menopausal symptoms and fuelled my passion to disseminate this information to all, especially women as they are the main nurturers of the planet.”

What started her interest in eating raw food? Lorraine says she started to experience menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy. She knew eating closer to nature was the answer to steady her hormones and rid her from experiencing hot flushes, a bloating belly and mood swings.

Her success has prompted her to want to show people how they can eat healthier by eating more raw foods. She is offering a number of services to help people get started, including raw food demonstrations where she shows how to make plant based drinks, meals, sauces and dressings, desserts and chocolate, for example.

While all of this can seem a little hard to swallow (pardon the pun), we believe it’s important to try anything at least once. We can see nothing wrong with cake made from plants!

Lorraine is currently working on her book entitled: Raw Food in a Flash – a guide and recipe book for the menopausal woman. 

Visit: www.lorrainepalmer.com


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