If I had my very own glam squad, like the rich and famous, then I’m sure that I would switch-up my hair and makeup styles every other day.

But the reality is, if you’re a regular gal like me, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to transform our looks overnight. However, a new season is always a great time to update our hairdos, to make us feel more confident, hip and of course, more on-trend. But where do we start? I caught up with Francesco Group’s Creative Director and award-winning Afro stylist, Michelle Thompson, for some advice on how to re-create some of this season’s most covetable celebrity hair trends. And here’s her verdict…

How to recreate this season’s celebrity hair trends SS17

  1. CELEBRITY MUSE: Kerry Washington
    Fringed bob haircut with waves

For this look, a texture release or relaxer has been used. These are great for those with tight or very curly hair as they can make the hair more manageable to straighten and they relax and smooth out textured hair. Please be aware that if you want this service, you must visit an Afro hair expert. The texture release or relaxer has allowed the stylist to style Kerry’s hair easier, into loose, nonchalant waves using hair irons. This look would have then been finished off with a shine spray to keep it looking healthy and shiny. A product such as KeraCare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen (£16.50 for120ml) can be used to give the look a mirror like finish.
How to recreate this season’s celebrity hair trends SS17

Product link: Liquid Sheen


  1. CELEBRITY MUSE: Alicia Keys
    Twisted braids

Alicia Keys is supporting two protective hairstyles here, braids and twists, which are super on trend and a perfect style for keeping Afro hair under control. For this look, the hair must be parted at the hairline, straight back to the nape of the neck, with the end of a comb being used to create a neat part. Starting with a small section at the hairline, two sections of hair should be taken and twisted around each other into the parted section. As you work down the parted section, take small sections of hair and incorporate these into the twist then secure at the nape of the neck. Then, create two plaits on each side of the hair and secure. Gold beads have been included to add some bling to the twists.

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  1. CELEBRITY MUSE: Kelly Rowland
    Topknot braided half updo

This braided hairstyle with a topknot is a super on trend hairstyle for those with Afro hair for the summer months and perfect for long hair. Hair has been styled into individual braids prior to the top section of the hair being gathered together into a ponytail and twisted into a topknot at the top of the head. For this look you can use several different types of braids, whether it be twists, locs or box braids – it’s a very versatile look.

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  1. CELEBRITY MUSE: Solange Knowles
    HAIRSTYLE: Textured Afro

I love Solange’s look here, as she is embracing her natural hair. More and more people with Afro hair are embracing their natural curl. To add extra volume to your natural hair and give it some height like Solange’s, blow the hair out with a paddle brush to stretch out the length. Keracare Natural Textures Defining Custard (£8.55 for 227g) is a great product to use on your Afro hair to set the style, care for and define your curls, minimise frizz and maximise shine.

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How to recreate this season’s celebrity hair trends SS17
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  1. CELEBRITY MUSE: Leona Lewis
    HAIRSTYLE: Crinkled ponytail

This crimped ponytail hairstyle is very 80s! To create the look, once the hair is blow-dried, use flat irons to straighten the hair out before securing it into a ponytail. Next, take a crimper and work down the hair to give hair a distressed, textured feel. For this look make sure you use a heat protection spray, as there is a lot of heat being used on the hair.

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