“We represented fun, fashion and femininity in hip hop and that’s what lots of women identified with because we were just two round the way chicks that liked to have fun.”

The world’s most iconic female rap group Salt n Pepa (aka Cheryl James and Sandra Denton) were speaking during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine show yesterday morning (22 May 2017) to promote this autumn’s upcoming ‘I Love The 90s’ concert, where they will share the stage with other star acts like Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd and Coolio, to name a few.

Let’s talk about: Salt N Pepa

The trio behind female anthems like ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, ‘Push It’, ‘Shoop’, ‘Whattaman’ and many more, have been delighting their fans for more than three decades. Salt said: “We weren’t a put-together group, we were friends first. We’ve had this friendship from day one, that’s uncanny. We can talk to each other with our eyes, the chemistry is insane.”

Let’s talk about: Salt N Pepa
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Salt ‘n’ Pepa, along with Spinderella, who didn’t appear with them on the sofa, became the first female rap artists to win a Grammy Award and their 1993 album ‘Very Necessary’ remains the best-selling album from a female rap act.

Talking about their pioneering presence on the music scene and breaking barriers, Salt said:

“That’s our theme song. We have always just pushed past the glass ceiling, when it comes to what we talk about, what we represented. We were just two round the way chicks that liked to have fun. And we were bold and brassy and just said what we wanted.”

I Love The 90s is already a big hit in the US and is now coming to the UK. The ladies said they were attracting an ever-younger generation of fans who are now discovering their music and loving it.

Pepa said:

“They’re just into the nostalgia of the 90s because I think it represented an era that was a lot of fun and good music.”

You kind of know you’ve arrived when Beyoncé, her daughter Blue Ivy and her mum channelled the award-winning trio for their outfits last Halloween. No doubt paying homage to the ladies who blazed the trail for acts like herself that came after them.

Pepa said:

“A lot of them have recognised, understood and thanked us, the Missy Elliott’s, Queen Latifah’s, MC Lyte’s, the list goes on.”

They take their iconic standing with a pinch of salt though (no pun intended!) Salt said: “That’s a hard thing for us though when I hear the word icon and pioneer I have to step out of myself and look at it and go, yeah, it’s true, we did break some serious boundaries. Because I am both Cheryl as well as Salt!” Pointing to her friend, she said: “She’s Pep all day”!

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