Nothing says “I am a millennial!” more than being a card-carrying podcast-listener! A quick google check shows that there are more than 250K unique podcasts in over 100 different languages; now, that’s a lot of talking.

Podcasts are a great way to tune into debates or discussions which explore issues that strike a chord with you. The black community has embraced this medium in a big way, and in this feature we bring you some of our favourite podcast superstars in our radar.

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsOne of the first podcasts that we discovered was Melanin Millennials, a show fronted by Imriel Morgan and Satia Sa Dias. Both Londoners, they have quickly amassed a cult following among people of colour, feminists, and politics aficionados who tune into their weekly uncensored podcast sessions.

The dynamic duo take on challenging topics and have had some high profile guests including Jamelia, Emma Gannon, Stephanie Yeboah, and Nikesh Shukla to name a few. The pair recently upped the ante when they took on the challenge of hosting a live recording of their podcast in London on 25 February, and went along for the ride. The crowd was made up of long-time followers of the podcast, who while they hung on every word of Imriel and Satia, took the opportunity to participate and challenge the hosts. Between the relevant and humorous take on social issues, along with the delicious fried plantain and Shito sauce offered as snacks (shout out to Chale Let’s Eat!), we had a terrific time.

Listen to the Melanin Millennials podcast here.


There’s a podcast to cover every interest. Here’s a list of some of our favourites. Have you checked them out yet?


Keep the Receipts

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsHosted by Ghana’s Finest, Tolly, Phoebe Parke and Milena Sanchez, the Receipts Podcast is fun, honest and talks about anything and everything! From relationships to situationships to everyday life experiences, you can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter!

Listen here



This podcast explores a wide range of topics, from music, politics and the perceptions of black men and women, discussed from top to bottom.

Listen here


How to Kill An Hour

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsLove games and tech? Join founder, Marcus Bronzy (BBC TV / Capital Radio) and friends Dev (BBC Radio 1), Nick Bright (BBC Sport / BBC Radio 1Xtra), Ace (BBC Radio 1Xtra) and Funk Butcher (Kiss FM) as they try out new entertainment, tech, gadgets, games, and interactive days out.

Listen here


Marcus Meets

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsAlso founded by Marcus, is Marcus Meets. From celebs to crime fighters to friends, find out who Marcus will be catching up with next!

Listen here


Quintessential Voices

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsProducer, Journalist, Broadcaster and contributor, Marverine Cole recently launched a podcast that celebrates women of colour in style. Expect to laugh, cry and learn after listening to real stories of BAME individuals from different generations, and how their life journeys have shaped who they are today. Some of those stories are told by famous voices, some by everyday individuals – either way you will be listening with intent. Discover what it really means to be quintessentially British, with.

Listen here


Tea and biscuits

This fortnightly podcast bought together by Mad News blog and Rinse, covers news, entertainment and more. Expect hosts, hosts Sherryl Blu and Janice Miss Mad News, to provide stimulating conversations. They’ve certainly got a lot to say!

Listen here



Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsThis podcast, named Blacticulate – an amalgamation of three words: Black, Action and Articulate, is on a mission to present the rich diversity of the black community. Hosted by young black professionals, this show aims to provide a platform for British Black African and Afro Caribbean millennial forward thinkers.

Listen here


Black Girls Talking

Love Beyonce? Well this is the podcast where four black women discuss all things Beyonce, pop culture and the pursuit of the perfect body oil!

Listen here


Et Cetera with Est

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsHosted by Esther, this podcast covers a range of topics. Expect to hear discussions from celebrity events as they happen, to relationship issues and how we can deal with them, to the natural hair movement.

Listen here


1 Cuppa, Two Sugars

Hosted by Christabel, this show covers a range of topics, issues and celebrity gossip. Look out for inspiring interviews with women who are taking the creative arts and cultural industries by storm. So sit back, take note of the brilliant advice on making your mark and enjoy that cuppa and 2 sugars.

Listen here


Mostly Lit

Melan Mag - Melanin Millennials and 12 other favourite podcastsMostly Lit is brought to you by Alex Reads and Reckless Rai and Mr Wiltshire. Tune into their journeys of life in London while exploring the intersection of literature, millennial wellness and black pop-culture.

Listen here


20 Something

Naomi Simon brings you a podcast dedicated to 20-somethings. The show aims to raise social and political awareness on millennial topics and issues, tune in to see how you can play a part in forward thinking action

Listen here


Two fools talking

This podcast is hosted by Keira and Soulay ‘two fools’ who love to talk and share their observations on anything and everything. Prepare to laugh at their weekly take on all topics.

Listen here



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