With only a few short weeks to Valentine’s day and it’s inevitable that our thoughts are turning to love.

Now many of us probably suspected this, but research has shown that being in a happy and stable relationship, boosts feelings of stability and safety, which can inspire self-confidence, self-worth and therefore, better health and wellbeing. Who knew that the science of love is real?

The old adage, “Love changes everything” is true, scientifically speaking anyway. The feeling of being in love is said to actually change the biochemical composition of the body, which can elevate your mood by releasing feel-good hormones. When you feel happier, you are naturally more upbeat and positive. You are motivated to get things done, to be confident and to be ready for new opportunities – or challenges, when they come.

So it looks like the key to being successful is love. This would appear to be the case when you learn that 93% of the Fortune 1000 female CEOs are married, compared to the nation’s average of 64%, according to a study in America.

Another study found that “marriage increases men’s wages by as much as 27%, and that married men earn significantly higher wages than unmarried men.”

These results seem to suggest that being in a loving and supportive relationship takes away that element of uncertainty which is often associated with stepping out of your comfort zone, which can lead to promotions or more successful networking – just some of the positive results, perhaps, of being in a great relationship.

One lady who is certainly playing cupid this February is Raspreet Sagoo, a holistic health practitioner and soul coach, who is inviting you to her event, “Open to Love – The Soulmate Connection” which is taking place in London on 4 February 2017. Whether you are looking for your soulmate, or you want to supercharge your existing relationship, and take it to the next level, this is the event for you.

Open To Love Poster

Joining Raspreet, will be a panel of experts who will present and share their insightful experiences and wisdom, in the field of relationships and soulmate connections. If you are looking for true love, the panel will be talking about how to attract your soulmate. For those already in a relationship, the panel will be on hand to give advice on how you can manage any obstacles that life may throw at you, and how to take your relationship to the next level to magnetise more love, harmony and success.

Raspreet said:

“My passion is to educate people to awaken them to their own divine ability to heal. I am particularly passionate about helping people find their true love and be in the energy of happiness, abundance and success.”

“This workshop aims to inspire you to grow and manifest the relationship you desire to have, so that you can be at your healthiest and, at the height of success.”

Open to Love – The Soulmate Connection will take place in London on 4 February 2017, from 10am to 3pm.

Find out more: https://divinesacredsoul.com/event/open-to-love/

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