will. i. am and Clara Amfo are among the list of 60+ influential speakers who have signed up to this year’s The BYP Network Leadership Conference taking place later this month.


BYP Leadership Conference 2021

Since launching in 2016 by Kike Oniwinde, The BYP Network has focused on three aims: to harness and elevate the status of the Black professional, shatter misconceptions of the Black narrative and promote equity in the professional sphere. Today, the BYP Network is a vital hub, connecting Black professionals and students from all over the world for role model visibility, career opportunities, business support and ultimately to solve our own problems.


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In previous years, The BYP Leadership Conference welcomed crowds of 2,000+ attendees. This year’s event (on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October) will be a digital affair, and the first time it will be spread over two full days with an even stronger back-to-back curation that aims to ‘change the Black narrative’ for good.

The BYP team hope to reach thousands of Black professionals simultaneously to focus on helping Black professionals to become leaders in their organisations and to progress Black economic empowerment. Facilitating them to achieve this aim at the event, are influential speakers such as music icon turned tech distributor – will. i. am and others from the creative industry, political figureheads, tech entrepreneurs and corporate partners.

Who else is included in the speaker’s roster?

Clara Amfo, TV and radio presenter; Bernadette Thompson, Deputy Director, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Communities; Yemi Lalude, Partner, Head of Africa, TPG; Reggie Yates, actor, presenter and ‘extreme documentary film maker’; Abdul Abdullah, Founder of Afrochella, plus many more.

The BYP Leadership Conference is the place to be for committed Black professionals. The team has built an important and strong reputation within the business industry attracting high profile sponsors like Ebay, Facebook, American Express, Shell, Goldman Sachs, M&S, Google to this year’s event. Furthermore, last year, they successfully concluded a million dollar crowdfund which allowed them to grow their team by ten-fold.


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Founder of The BYP Network, Kike Oniwinde, has previously spoken about why she started The BYP and her frustration at the lack of diversity, inclusion and visibility for Black professionals. She told Melan Magazine: “We are here to fill that gap by providing a platform for senior leaders to share their knowledge with those that want to supercharge their careers and reach their full potential. Many conferences rarely have Black speakers as they deem it ‘difficult’ to find Black professionals with the relevant expertise; however, every year BYP successfully finds leaders across a range of fields, proving that they do exist.

The BYP Network
The BYP Network Co-Founder Kike Oniwinde

“With the theme of the year being ‘Collaboration is Key’ as part of our ‘Decade of Proactive Change’ series, we are excited to be virtual again to truly get that global audience and cater for Black professionals around the world.”

The BYP Leadership Conference 2021 Schedule

Day 1 | Thursday 28th October agenda: bypconference.com/agenda-day-1
Day 2 | Friday 29th October agenda: bypconference.com/agenda-day-2

Tickets are free for the BYP community (Black individuals) with a value of £100 and can be reserved here: bypconference.com/tickets

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