Global pop superstar Rihanna is top of the league of 10 highest earning female celeb beauty brands, with Fenty Beauty making 12 times the revenue of the 10th wealthiest one.

In just four years since the launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017, the line is the wealthiest of celeb beauty brands in the world, having generated nearly £412M in revenue.  By comparison, Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has been in operation for a decade and makes just over half the revenue with a million Instagram followers.

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While fans have been begging the Barbadian born mega star to “Please Don’t Stop the Music”, it’s clear that Rihanna has taken the simple premise of diversifying revenue streams to create a formidable business empire.  One that has demonstrably listened to the needs of its customers and understood its place in the interconnected web of corporate social responsibilities.  *One of her facial products was designed specifically to ensure it would not erode coral reefs if worn in the ocean and her Savage Fenty X lingerie runway shows celebrate diversity of size, physical ability and complexion and challenges traditional beauty standards.

But according to new research released by Cosmetify, the power and influence metrics of the top global celeb beauty brands aren’t quite that cut and dry.  Of the 27 most successful celebrity beauty brands in the world, nine of the top 10 are run by women.  A closer look reveals some social media follower counts are higher than others with narrower profit margins.  One notable example is Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, which ranks third on the list of global celeb beauty brands. However, Kylie Cosmetics arguably has more than twice the influence of Fenty Beauty on Instagram with 25.2 million followers as compared to Fenty’s 10.7 million.

Some would say that the cumulative effect of Rihanna’s strategic collaborations in the world of fashion has played an integral part in keeping the momentum of the wave of global dominance on the broader fashion, beauty and cosmetic scene, which she is currently riding. No doubt contributing to her success is her partnership with LVMH, the French luxury goods giant run by billionaire Bernard Arnault.

Savage X Fenty
Image credit: Savage X Fenty

With her tattooed and manicured fingers in so many pies, and her listing on Forbes’ list of richest self-made women in America she is famously invested in every venture attached to her name.  In a Time magazine interview she said: “I have 100 per cent involvement in this process, which is what makes this so special and very fun. I have so much creative freedom from products to packaging, and that’s really the only way this brand will stay true to my vision for it”.

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In less than half the time it has taken other mega stars, Rihanna has decisively guided the entertainment and fashion industry through an evolution that shows no signs of stopping.  And with all of us being rained on by the ever-shifting concepts of identity and self-expression; we are all quite content to stand under her “Umbrella ella ella eh eh…”

This article was written by Katrina Marshall.

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