For those of us who are still working from home, it’s more vital than ever to book annual leave at work to give ourselves time to rest and de-stress. So, what if we told you that you can stretch your annual holiday allocation to 47 days off?

annual holiday allocation
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For more than a year, a huge portion of the UK workforce has been working from home due to lockdown rules aimed at protecting the population from COVID-19. The excitement of booking annual leave has somewhat lost its lustre, I mean, where were we going to go? We laughed at the memes suggesting exotic destinations like ‘Las Kitchenas’, ‘Los Lounges’ and ‘Porto Gardenas’, but thankfully, with lockdown restrictions easing and provided we all still follow the rules, the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown suggests that we should be able to enjoy real holidays to sunnier climes in the very near future.

We can all use extra recreation time, particularly as last year, so many opportunities to gather with our loved ones were cancelled or toned-down, including Christmas, Easter and Eid to name a few. A petition, which currently has 41,000 signatures is calling for Monday 21 June, the longest day of the year, to be made an additional bank holiday. Known as Merriweather Day, searches on Google for ‘June 21st’ have soared, showing the hope of the nation, which, if granted, could count toward a bumper annual leave quota for the year.  June 21st also signifies the anticipated day on the Government’s roadmap when all lockdown restrictions will finally be lifted.

To help you maximise your allocated annual leave, here’s our guide for what days to book and when to enjoy a rewarding 47 days off from work.

This is how to maximise your annual holiday allocation in 2021

April bank holiday

Have a 10-day holiday by booking four additional days off

(2 April – 11 April)

May bank holidays

Have a nine-day holiday by booking four additional days off and either of the three-day weekends

(1 May – 9 May)


(29 May – 31 May)

annual holiday allocation

June bank holiday [not confirmed yet]

Have a nine-day holiday by booking four additional days off

(19 June – 27 June)

August bank holiday

Have a nine-day holiday by booking four additional days off

(28 August – 6 September)

December/January 2022 bank holidays

Have a 10-day holiday by booking three additional days off

(23 December – 3 January)

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