Saturday 27 June 2020 marks the first official Black Pound Day, when the collective might of the Black community shifts to focus on buying services and products from only Black owned businesses online and locally.

Black Pound Day

Black Pound Day is a definitive step in the right direction, a tangible action that we can all take to support the move toward setting the foundation for real economic power for the Black community in the UK.

Founded by Swiss, a BRIT and MOBO Award-winner of So Solid Crew fame, the overriding aim of BPD is to create and build a better economic infrastructure, with Black people at the centre and for future generations to benefit from.

But of course, one day alone cannot achieve this goal, which is why there will be a Black Pound Day every single month, going forward.

A description of what the day is all about comes via a statement from the @BPDOfficial Instagram account:



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“The day will provide the community with self-pride, and with a routine spending structure to move forward and close the product to consumer loop. The community will gain greater knowledge to be able to access and invest in Black business.”

“The vision of Black Pound Day is to empower the community to create a new economy which will in turn underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure.”

Black owned businesses are being encouraged to sign up their businesses on the BPD directory for increased visibility to consumers.

For many of us, however, the concept of buying Black is nothing new. Many of us have been doing this for years, but the BPD provides the opportunity for an additional focus and consistency around Black buying power.

Black Pound Day

In her 2018 report, The Black Pound, business coach and speaker Lydia Amoah highlighted the reasons why we may have been slow to take action on supporting Black businesses but also highlights the many benefits of breaking the cycle for better results for all.

With an estimated £88 million spend by Black consumers within hair and beauty alone, we collectively have the power to effect real change.

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