International supermodel Halima Aden really knows how to shake the table when it comes to fighting for inclusivity in the fashion industry; her latest venture sees her launch a new range of headwraps, turbans and shawls with designs so stunning that they will appeal to all fashionistas, not just modest dressers.

Working with the creative team of, the world’s original and largest modest fashion brand, Halima has birthed an exquisite range of turbans and shawls, called Halima x Modanisa, that will be sold exclusively by the e-tailer.

Halima x Modanisa

While the exclusive collection was created with the modest dresser in mind, the vibrant colours, shapes and fabrics have an aesthetic that will no doubt appeal to all. Comprising of 47 pieces, the collection offers a strong mix of high-low styling with must-have shawls and turbans that will remain key items beyond this season.

Modest fashion is one of the fastest growing sectors of the fashion industry and women across the globe are adopting the modest style of dressing as witnessed by the increasing popularity of events like the Modanisa Modest Fashion show, which we have covered a number of times. In addition to this cohort, we can see Halima’s collection catching on with women across Africa and the diaspora whose fashion culture and tradition comprises a headwrap, gele or turban as part of their outfit.

Halima x Modanisa Halima x Modanisa

The collection includes a number of high street-friendly turbans, which means that anyone not super-confident with putting on a turban can use the pre-ties. This unique design element will be useful whether the wearer is a novice or a pro in a hurry!

The collection also consists of crepe shawls in a range of colours with the Halima logo embroidered on each of the 17 options.

Halima x Modanisa Halima x Modanisa

Halima told Melan Magazine that she deliberately opted for a broad mix of styles to ensure the capsule appeals to a wide range of women, from those who prefer a classic headscarf, to women looking to make a statement with their headwear.

She said: “With the Halima x Modanisa collection, I want to celebrate women around the world through fashion and encourage them to be pace-setters and change-makers. Beauty is power and it comes in so many forms. We, as women, need to be one another’s biggest cheerleaders.”

Halima x Modanisa Halima x Modanisa

Shop the collection on the Modanisa website.

Photography by Fadil Berisha

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