If like us, the prospect of yet another Bank Holiday has given you thoughts of booking a short break with your family, but the hassle of organising it is too much to bear, you’re not alone. Planning a family holiday alone is no mean feat. So, we’ve turned to the folks at Flight Centre to give us their top tips for booking the perfect holiday with kids in tow.

Read on for our tips on booking an epic family holiday.

holiday with kids
A holiday should be an opportunity for you all to relax and share new experiences together

Your hotel should have a kids’ club

According to recent research from Flight Centre, a third of parents say their biggest worry when going on holiday is keeping the kids entertained. Luckily, it only requires a quick request to your travel agent: ‘our hotel must have a kids’ club’. Most hotels cater for kids, but some are significantly better than others.

Choose a family adventure holiday

The idea of lazing in the sun all day might seem like bliss to you, but your kids may disagree. If you have an adventurous family, then you should consider looking at holidays to fuel your inner adrenaline junkie. There are pre-planned itineraries that build-in time to chill out. What’s more, you travel with other families, so there will likely be other kids to play with when the adults want to relax. Just ask your travel agent for some family adventure holiday ideas.

Check out the food offering before you book

When visiting a new country one of the first things to discover is the variety of local food. For kids, uncovering local culinary delights can be more of a challenge than a rewarding exploration of new flavours. Wherever you’re heading, make sure that there are menus that your kids will like. Make sure you ask your Travel Expert to double check that your hotel has at least one place your kids will be happy to fill their boots.

Take trips that turn you (and your kids) into storytellers

We want to be able to tell some great stories – and so do our kids! This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive, lavish break. Take them to Morocco where they can ride a camel across the desert and spend a night under the stars at a Bedouin camp. Or, if the outdoors isn’t really your thing, then how about the theme park capital of the world – Orlando. Tell your travel agent you want a family holiday that you’ll be talking about for years to come and they will turn over every stone for the most exciting options.

Remember to enjoy it

One of the most important things to remember is that, while you want your kids to be happy, your holiday is not all about them. A holiday should be an opportunity for you all to relax and share new experiences together. With one in five parents admitting that booking a holiday would be easier if they could talk to someone during the process, why not let a travel agent devise an itinerary for you and bring the kids along to enjoy the process? The big decisions have already been made for you, so all you need to do is set your alarm to make it on that tour bus.

Enjoy your holiday!

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