Eyebrows. Through the years we’ve seen the shape and look of brows literally grow – from the long and thin with a downwards curve in the ‘20s, to the current, naturally full boy-brow. Whether we’ve stepped towards or away from the tweezers, one thing we can all agree on is there often isn’t enough time to achieve that killer brow every morning in our busy schedules.

We all know, if done right, ‘perfect brows’ can effortlessly finish off your look, so we caught up with beauty experts at Cosmetify who have shared some of their secrets to achieving killer brows in just five minutes. Thank us later!

killer eyebrows

Spray Your Spoolie

If you have bushy brows or want to achieve a bushy look, lightly spray your spoolie with hairspray and brush your brows to keep them in place. Want to add extra volume? Backcombing your brows also works a treat for fuller looking brows. These are two very simple, quick and effective tricks for killer brows.


The Line Up Technique  

Don’t fancy adding hairspray to your brows? Not a problem. This simple line up technique also guarantees perfect brows.

To find your brow lines, vertically line up the handle end of a thin brush with the inside corner of your eye and the start of your eyebrow. This is your starting point. Now use one of our favourite brow products, the Loreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert, to mark the spot. Repeat this method with the outer edge of your nose and your iris to find your brow arch. Lastly, line up the brush diagonally from the edge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye to know where your brow should end. Repeat each step on the other side.

To fill in your brows, brush through the hairs with a spoolie. Then use the Loreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert to outline the bottom of the brows and fill in any hairless gaps you spot. If your brows come up a little short you can create a tail by also outlining the top edge until your two drawn lines meet. Remember, for a natural look avoid heavy application of the Brow Artist Xpert and brush with your spoolie.



Powder is great way to achieve a soft finish when it comes to brows. By wetting a cotton bud and running it your brows before you add the powder, you will be supporting the pigment, helping it to set your longer brow hairs in place. Powder kits like the Benefit FoolProof Brow Powder come with a two-tone powder so you can create a perfect gradient brow effect for a soft, natural and full finish!

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