Parents of school-aged children are all too familiar with the astronomical costs of a family holiday. On average, a family of two adults and two children can easily spend around £5,000, excluding spending money! To quote one of our popular supermarkets, ‘Every Little Helps’ so we bring you five clever hacks that could save you hundreds of pounds toward your next family trip.

Exploring new lands and experiencing different cultures shouldn’t be the preserve of the extremely wealthy, but with the escalating costs of flights and accommodation, not to mention all the stress, hassle and smoke and mirrors normally associated with currency exchange, it’s hard to book a trip without breaking the bank in the process.

Check out our five hacks to remember when planning a family trip.

Family holiday

Search for child-friendly deals

It almost goes without saying but try to find flights, hotels and other accommodation that specifically offers deals for children, whether that’s a discounted rate or family package. It can mean the difference in hundreds of pounds. There are numerous package deals that offer ‘kids go free’ deals, but you’ve got to hurry as they sell out fast.

Travel light and leave the suitcase at home

If your children are school-aged, and you’re only going for a weekend or a few days, then there is really no need to check in a suitcase. By investing in a carry-on that fits the overhead luggage limits, you can pack everyone’s weekend bits into the overhead luggage without paying extra for hold luggage. Be a bit savvy and find the largest overhead baggage you can. As cute as they are, don’t give your little ones kid-sized suitcases either.

Consider red-eye flights too

Don’t be fussy with flight times, if you can help it. Travelling with children can be difficult, especially if they need to be woken at unsociable hours. However, if your children can handle an early flight, take advantage of the often very big savings that you can get by travelling on a red-eye flight.

Compare, compare, and compare again

Remember to research and compare all aspects of your travel. Many people use comparison sites for hotels and flights. However, you can find sites that compare the best deals for transfers, excursions and travel insurance too, helping you to save money at every point.

Choose the right currency provider

How far your money goes plays a huge part in the success of your trip so it’s important you choose your currency provider wisely. Prepaid currency cards are simpler and usually better value for money. However, be careful that the one you choose doesn’t come with any unfair additional fees, such as ATM fees, transfer fees or transaction fees. We like the WeSwap Mastercard that can be used to load or spend local currency.

Happy travels!

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