Everyone looks better following a holiday to warmer climes, but while a quick jaunt to an exotic Caribbean beach is not always possible, Fenty Beauty has made it possible to look like you have, with the launch of Body Lava Body Luminizer.

We knew glitter was going to be big this season, but the latest product from Bad Girl Riri’s Fenty Beauty takes things up a couple of notches and gives us the potential to shimmer and shine with a post-vacay glow all year round, by simply smoothing on the gel-based body luminizer for skin that enhances your beautiful melanin glow.

The campaign visuals of a radiant Rihanna and a queenly Duckie, among other visuals, demonstrate perfectly, the names of the two shades, Who Needs Clothes?!, a radiant rose gold and Brown Sugar, a lustrous bronze, which cover the spectrum of all skin tones.

We knew it was going to be good, when last month (March 2018), Rihanna gave us a peek at the new products on her Instagram stories, “Say hello to the brand new #BodyLava, mine are almost empty!”, she said.

Rihanna Body Lava

It won’t surprise you to learn that beauty buffs have fallen in love with the product as our Instagram timeline is filled with images of fans trying out the luminizer for themselves.

You can apply the Body Lava, which comes in 90ml (£46), anywhere on your body, all areas that you want to shine. So how do you apply it? Fenty Beauty have helpfully also launched a special Face and Body Kabuki Brush and the wonderfully named Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom.

Rihanna Body Lava

Rihanna Body Lava

There’s no doubt that Rihanna is shaking up the beauty industry and everyone is taking notice. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the Bajan queen.

Rihanna Body LavaFenty Beauty by Rihanna Beach, Please! Summer 2018 Collection is available at Harvey Nichols and harveynichols.com  



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