Christmas was four months ago but you’re forgiven if, like us, you can’t believe how quickly the year is going. Before you know it, summer will be here, and along with it, half of the year. There’s a lot to do before then so we’ve put together a checklist of how to organise yourself for spring.

You’ll probably need two weekends to sort out everything from wardrobe clear-outs to (literally) the kitchen sink. Thank us later when you’re bossing life and feeling on top of the world.


  • Pillows and duvet – Although you might change the bedding weekly, it’s important to clean your actual pillows and duvet too. Now’s the time to take them for an express dry-cleaning service.
  • Wardrobe swaps – Be ruthless with your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn a new piece of clothing within the first month of purchase, the chances are you’re never going to wear it. Throw things out and put your winter clothes to the back of the closet and bring your spring summer clothes to the front.
  • Bedside table drawers – The designated place for everything you don’t know what to do with. Bedside table drawers should be reserved for essential oils and pillow spray.
  • Mattress – The easiest way to clean your mattress is to get mattress cleaner or hoover it with a nozzle. Remember, if your mattress is over eight years old, it’s time for a new one.


  • Toothbrush head – These need changing every few months. Not only is it nice to have a new one, they are less effective when they get splayed.
  • Cabinet clear-out – If you’ve got a habit of starting a new cleanser when you haven’t finished your old one, throw it out or use it up. Bathroom cabinets can easily become a graveyard for cleansers and toners that never got finished.
  • Medicine cabinet – It’s recommended to clean out your medicine cabinet every now and again. Check the dates on your paracetamol and antihistamines. If you’re in doubt and have lost the box, be on the safe side and replace them with new ones.
  • Toilet brush and shower curtain – Just because they do the cleaning doesn’t mean they don’t need replacing.

Spring cleaning

Makeup Bag

  • Makeup brushes – Everyone knows they need to wash their makeup brushes but do they actually do it? It’s kind of addictive once you start but make sure they dry thoroughly before you put them away.
  • Expiration date – Makeup goes out of date between three months and two years. If you can’t remember when you got it, it’s probably too old. It’s also a great excuse to go makeup shopping.
  • The makeup bag itself – Take everything out and stick it in the washing machine to make it feel look as good as new.
  • Pencil sharpening – Sharpening all your pencils will give a new lease of life to eyeliners and lip liners that you never get around to using because they’re always blunt.


  • Bank statements and receipts – A paper shredder is an investment worth making. We often hoard important documents because you can’t just put them in the bin. But they do need to go.
  • Archive notebooks – Unimportant notebooks can go, or store them if it’s likely they might come in handy. Although, everything you need from them, you’ve probably already got. New stationary for new beginnings.
  • Clear desk space of clutter – To make your office space more zen, whether it’s a home or work office, clearing clutter will also clear your mind. Put away any nick nacks and things that take up desk space.
  • Get organiser drawers – These are a true game-changer. Getting drawers for each areas of your life; bills, invoices, bank statements will be more effective than folders that are impossible to keep up with. You can also get a separate one for stationery.


  • Spices – There’s probably a statistic out there on how many of our cupboard spices are actually out of date. Get rid and re-buy if you have to.
  • Old non-stick pans – Non-stick pans can go out of date too. If your pan is over a year old, the chances are the non-stick coating is worn out and it’s time to get a new one.
  • Tupperware – Saving old Tupperware is environmentally friendly but when you’ve got mismatched boxes and lids, recycle them and get some new, hard-wearing ones.
  • Wash the fridge – It’s a big job but you know it needs doing. All you need is a fresh sponge, warm water and washing up liquid. It’s cathartic, we promise.

Social Life

  • Monthly view calendar – If you’re forgetful with personal plans, a monthly view calendar will help you out. Block out days that you’re busy so you can immediately visualise when you’re free to make plans.
  • Birthdays for presents and plans – Buying presents in advance is only possible when you know there’s a birthday coming up. Colour code your calendar with your loved-ones’ birthdays so you can get organised in advance.
  • Get a pack of cards and stamps – As well as saving you money in the long run, This will save the day when you’ve completely forgotten. Get some generic birthday cards and first class stamps so you won’t get caught out.
  • Make a list of calendar events – If there’s a music concert you want to get round to going to or a restaurant you always said you wanted to try, write a list and keep on adding to it. When it comes to making plans with friends, you can merge the two.

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