We’re loving the visuals and female empowerment message Ivy Park’s new spring/summer 18 campaign. “Strong Beyond Measure” captures the collective mood of women all around the world who are grabbing their destiny in their hands and running with it.

Co-founded by Beyoncé, the iconic performer and astute businesswoman, IVY PARK recognizes how an active and health-conscious lifestyle can help women realize their goals on the sports field, in their chosen industries, or as caregivers at home. This campaign encourages women to find their sport to support their life’s journey and celebrate strength in women.

The campaign, which launched on International Women’s Day, throws the spotlight on a number of women athletes and imparts the message that there is an activity for every person and every body type and that the capabilities achieved through sport can positively impact every aspect of women’s lives. We couldn’t agree more.

Ivy Park new Strong Beyond Measure campaign

The video campaign was shot at South London’s iconic Crystal Palace Sports Centre by director Jonas Lindstroem and features a diverse cast of talent and ‘up and coming’ athletes that includes: runner and sprinter, Risqat Fabunmi-Alade; singer-songwriter, IAMDDB; a heptathlete, and a group of cheerleaders, amongst others.

While each cast member originates from very different backgrounds, their common bond is their love of sport and physical well-being.

Watch the video below

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