One month in to the healthy eating regime; you’re looking good and feeling even better. You’ve shed all those extra Christmas pounds and your phone lock screen is a quote, reminding you that Summer bodies are made in winter.

Cue, Valentine’s Day weekend: and it’s all about chocolates, champagne and other diet-ruining treats, right? Here at, we don’t believe in fad diets and starving yourself, life is for living and living well. Health is definitely key to living well so to help you and your other half indulge and celebrate your love without being too unhealthy, here are our picks of five restaurants in London, that will help you keep a healthier waistline, for the Valentine’s weekend.


Blue Planet at Fish Market

Five healthy restaurant choices to book for Valentine’s Day

Fish Market have put together a ‘Blue Planet’ menu using only sustainable fish and seafood to make David Attenborough proud. The menu includes starters of Hand dived scallops with kohlrabi, pancetta and mizuna, and Red mullet carpaccio, fried capers, shallots and pomegranate, as well as mains of Halibut with squid ink veloute and cauliflower or a lighter Crayfish salad with mango, avocado and cucumber.

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Malibu Kitchen

Five healthy restaurant choices to book for Valentine’s Day

Located at The Ned Club, Malibu Kitchen brings healthy and delicious Californian food to the City of London with a nutritious menu of superfood salads, cured fish and meat. Go for the sea bream tacos or a cheeseburger with potato bun for wholesome indulgence, in style.

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Asia de Cuba

Five healthy restaurant choices to book for Valentine’s Day

To experience the “perfect marriage” of Asian and Latin cuisine, indulge in small plates of tapas and stir fries at Asia de Cuba. Mains include Asian grilled lamb cutlets with black beans, roasted corn hash and a green herb vinaigrette or a Barrio Chino steak with hearts of palm, glazed Chinese eggplant and edamame salad. If you’re going all out, have the sweet potato buñuelos for dessert: Cuban-style doughnuts with a spiced sugarcane syrup.

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Coq d’Argent

Five healthy restaurant choices to book for Valentine’s Day

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s a little earlier this year, until 11 February, City restaurant Coq d’Argent will be offering a vegan menu as part of D&D London’s Mindful City campaign. The head chef Damien Rigollet has created the Back to Roots menu and will list all nutritional benefits and properties alongside each dish, all based on root vegetables. Their classic menu is also a winner; notable on the menu is the hand-picked South Devon cock crab salad, avocado guacamole and Melba toast.

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Perfect for cocktail lovers, the Canary Wharf restaurant, Plateau, has launched a Botanical Brunch menu, offering two to three courses and a welcome cocktail of Tanqueray botanical gin and FeverTree’s Indian tonic. The menu, which is only available on Saturday’s, is a mixture of brunch classics with the addition of vegan dishes including crushed avocado on sourdough toast; Buckwheat galette with spinach and salsify; Beetroot tagliatelle, smoked beetroots topped with toasted pine nuts; and almond milk ‘riz au lait’ for dessert.

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