Incest, homelessness, sexual abuse and subsequently, triumph! The tumultuous yet inspiring life of Jamaican-born Dr Ava Brown, is to be made into a film and we have no doubt it will be a hit.

Heart-breaking and inspirational “The Mango Girl” to be made into a filmBased on Dr Brown’s book, The Mango Girl, published in 2017, the story takes readers to a poor, rural area of Jamaica, where the need to find food often wins the battle over school attendance. Amid many hardships, Dr Brown’s life took an unprecedented path when she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in front of her then three-year-old daughter. She fled her home country to London with her daughter and young son, where she now lives and works.

Dr Brown’s incredible resilience and love for her native country allowed her to see the harsh and disappointing experiences as stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman, as she showed us in our interview, one who can help society break the cycle of poverty and often its negative effects. The Mango Girl is a story that breaks your heart before it heals and inspires.

The film has a planned US theatrical release in 2018 and is being produced and distributed by D Street Media Group, a New York-based company that has established an international presence. CEO, Dexter Davis, said:

“It’s a real honour to board this incredible project. Ava’s story is an inspiration to us all. I believe part of the healing process is telling the truth, and Dr Brown certainly stands in hers and we are the better for it.”

What does Dr Brown think about her life story being made into a film? She, said:

“I am thrilled that my story is going from book to screen, and from strength to strength. I’m proud to be able to demonstrate that where you’re from does not determine where you end up. I’ve shown that despite the odds, you can achieve your dreams.”

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