In recent years, the British love affair with Egypt has cooled somewhat following the security threats that have been reported in that area of the world.

However, it looks like this trend is gradually changing with a 25% rise in the number of UK visitors to the destination in the first six months of 2017.

Capitalising on this upsurge, the Egypt tourism authority is embarking on a new campaign to remind tourists about why Egypt is an ideal holiday destination, all year round.

Are you ready to head back to Egypt for your next holiday? Egypte, parachute ascentionnel pres de Sharm-el-Sheikh

A spokesperson for the Egyptian State Tourist Authority, said: “Immersion in unparalleled history has of course always been at the core of our brand, but Egypt is also a sun-drenched oasis, twelve months of the year. Few places can offer such a harmonious combination of ancient history and modern luxury.”

Another consideration that could be influencing people’s decision to return in droves could be the issue of Brexit. Many holiday makers are now questioning how far their money will go, and those looking for a bargain will be pleased to hear that Egypt was named the second most price-competitive destination in the world in the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017.

Are you ready to head back to Egypt for your next holiday?Egypt is known for their five-star resort towns and a new one, Marsa Alam, is the latest kid on the block. Located on the south-western shore of the Red Sea, a bunch of new accommodation openings are making this area attractive. The remote and untouched location offers sand and sea experiences as well as snorkelling and swimming with dolphins, and it is still only a few hours’ drive from the ancient city of Luxor.

Are you ready to head back to Egypt for your next holiday?So, are you convinced? Egypt as holiday destination has a lot going for it. Year-round sun, gorgeous beaches and only six hours away by flight. With good reason, many people are still nervous about putting it back on their roster of holiday destinations. But it looks like many already have.

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