Hands up if you’ve idly daydreamed about being a property millionaire while watching Homes Under the Hammer in your pyjamas, thinking “That could be me?” Without giving too much away, the notion of being a property tycoon has always appealed to me, I mean, what’s not to like, painting and decorating, residual income generating itself every month?

The reality is of course, far from these romanticised ideas that many of us have. But one successful property developer, who has built a portfolio worth more than £5 million is encouraging people to learn how they too can achieve success as a property entrepreneur.

How to be a property millionaire

Forty-year old Craig Campbell, is a Jamaican-born Londoner who describes himself as a regular joe type of guy. So how did he come to have such a successful career in property?

The beginning of his property investor journey is familiar enough. When he was 21 years old, he started looking for rented accommodation, however, when presented with the monthly rental costs, he worked out that they were roughly the same as monthly mortgage repayments for the property. It made financial sense to try to acquire a mortgage rather than paying rent for a property he would never actually own.

Showing entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity, Craig started pulling together funds by saving money from his part-time job, and ended up buying his first property during his first year studying for a degree in accountancy and finance.

Today, Craig is a qualified accountant, and the owner of an estate agency based in North London, where his property portfolio which has a market value of over £5 million, is also managed.

Keen to share what he has learned over the years, Craig decided to put pen to paper and write a brief, informative book called The Property Investment Mentor, which details property dos and don’ts, in a simple way, to assist anyone, who possess focus, determination and drive to become successful within property investment.

How to be a property millionaire

Craig said:

“I am passionate about helping people to create a passive income and build wealth, so they have the choice to live their life exactly how they want, and not be confined to a life of working for someone else.”

“The Property Investment Mentor is a step-by-step approach to achieving this and much more in a clear and straightforward way. Written for the beginner and the more experienced, I hope it’s a book enjoyed by many and shared with family and friends.”

“For me, people sharing the knowledge they’ve gained in their personal and professional lives to help people they care about is one of the best legacies we can leave behind.”

To find out more, visit: www.thepropertyinvestmentmentor.com.

You can buy the book: The Property Investment Mentor here.


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