The natural hair movement is stronger than ever. It’s wonderful to see the increasing popularity and appreciation for the beautiful crowns that we wear on our heads.

Sadly, there is still a long way to go, with reports, still too frequent around the world, of the need to protest about how we choose to wear our hair. The very reason why we need an international World Afro Day!

Why we need a World Afro Day!The first World Afro Day is taking place on 15 September and children and young people are being encouraged to go along to take part in the RecordSetter World Record for the “Largest Hair Education Lesson”.

The importance of teaching the next generation to love and embrace their afro cannot be underestimated. One of the key aims of this much-needed event is to ‘encourage people to understand the uniqueness of afro hair and ultimately help the world to appreciate difference as a positive characteristic and not a negative one.’

The event will include appearances by Deshauna Barber – Miss USA 2016, who made headlines by wearing her natural hair to the Miss USA 2017 Pageant, Vernon Francois, celebrity stylist, whose core mission is ‘to empower a generation with the confidence and knowledge to unlock the potential of their hair’s true texture’, and Tola Okogwu, who wrote the empowering children’s book, Daddy Do My Hair? Attendees will also enjoy musical performances, spoken word and Q&A.

Speaking about the significance of this event, founder of World Afro Day, Michelle De Leon, said it best: “Teach the children and they’ll teach the world”.

Find out more about the event here.


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