Being By Sanctuary Spa is a ballsy new beauty line with a slick and empowering message, live life to the full, with “jelly, jiggle and a giggle”!

One of our favourite influencers, Grace Victory is collaborating with Sanctuary and says about the range: “Trying to whittle down these products was so hard because I’m literally obsessed with them all. The Salted Caramel scent is perfect when I want a real indulgent evening and the Cloudberry scent is so different and fresh.”

For every woman, whether you want to smell like a tropical island or indulge in a tasty bath bomb that’s almost good enough to eat, Being By Sanctuary has got your back.

We were sent a gorgeous smelling big package of items, and our Beauty Intern, Bethany Deer, got to sample the range and tells us what she thinks.

The traditional Sanctuary products have long been a favourite of mine but this new line, which is designed to make women feel confident and fearless while smelling like an absolute treat, is definitely my new fave.

How much do we love the Being range by Sanctuary?Chilli Mango & Tonka Bean Body Scrub £9

This sizzling scrub will leave your skin feeling extra smooth and super soft. Applied in the shower it’s perfect for pampering when your skin needs a little TLC with its tiny grains not too harsh on the skin, leaving you feeling soft rather than looking as though you’ve been washing with a scourer and with a smell so delicious it’s a challenge not to eat it, what’s not to love?

How much do we love the Being range by Sanctuary?Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Butter £10

This creamy sweet treat was perfect for using after the scrub. It was moisturizing but didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily, instead, it left my skin looking like a glazed bun and smelling like one too, in a good way! Even though I used a generous amount, because the tub is generously sized it’ll definitely last a while.

How much do we love the Being range by Sanctuary?Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream £5

This mouth watering hand cream was so fruity it could be one of your 5-a-day! With its handbag-friendly size, it’s perfect if you’re on the go. It left my hands feeling velvety and rich while smelling like a fruit smoothie.

How much do we love the Being range by Sanctuary?Water Lotus & Pomelo Bath Bomb £4

This tangy bath bomb is the perfect balance between refreshing and relaxing, as far as bath bombs go I haven’t seen any that smell quite like this, bursting with zingy pomelo and soothing fresh water lotus, I was left feeling calm and hydrated. Great for a midweek cleanse.

How much do we love the Being range by Sanctuary?Hibiscus and Coconut Water Body Mist £5

If you want a refreshing body mist that will leave you smelling like the tropics and feeling like an island queen, this is the way to go. Coconut is one of my favourite scents and the Hibiscus adds a sweet and juicier scent to the mist leaving you feeling like you’ve been transported somewhere exotic!

How much do we love the Being range by Sanctuary?Wash Bag £10

A nice touch is this trendy and conveniently sized washbag so that you can take your ballsy bottled beauty products anywhere. I’ll probably use mine as a makeup bag!


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