I first heard about the Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club about a year ago when I was told about a young man who’d founded a supper club that specialised in Ghanaian cuisine with a modern twist.

I was intrigued to hear that he would return from his 9-5 job and roll up his sleeves to begin perfecting his dishes, often way into the early hours of the morning. I finally got to meet 28-year old Jason Obeng when I attended his most recent supper club event at The London Cooking Project in Battersea, London.

What did we think about Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club?

The venue was a great choice to hold a supper club as the open plan space conveniently houses both the dining and the cooking areas, ensuring that waiting guests are slowly seduced by the exciting aromas of the dishes as they are being cooked.

What did we think about Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club?

As we entered the venue, there were two long tables where a group of chic and trendy millennials were mingling, all happily chatting as if they’d know each other forever. On the white table cloths were prettily arranged flowers and water jugs with ice and lemon. We were encouraged to bring our own wine, but I was impressed to see a huge bottle of the Jay Z-backed Cognac, Dusse offered to guests.

What did we think about Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club?

It wasn’t long before the first course arrived, wild summer salad. As the name suggests, this was a salad dish made up of red amaranth, watercress, red onion, cherry tomatoes, peaches and strawberries. I did struggle to make the connection to it being a Ghanaian-based dish, but visually, it was a pretty-looking dish and indeed looked like ‘summer’ on a plate. A light dish, the fruits mixed with the cress and amaranth to create a taste that was slightly unfamiliar, though pleasurable. Extra brownie points for the virtuous feeling of getting a good number of your five a day in one dish.

What did we think about Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club?

The second course was more familiar territory, Jollof Rice and Chicken. For those not familiar with Jollof, it is a long-grain rice slowly cooked through with a rich tomato-based stew. The chicken it was served with was a skinless and boneless, herb-infused delight, that was both tender and full of flavour. A highlight for me was the small pot of Shito sauce that accompanied the dish. This famous Ghanaian hot black pepper sauce is made up of vegetable oil, dried fish, tomatoes, peppers and other spices. It certainly packs a punch and it is not for the faint-hearted, but I really enjoyed the traces of dried fish that came through in the taste.

What did we think about Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club?

The final course was ‘Avomango Sorbet and Watermelon’. The tangy mango sorbet was the perfect accompaniment to the smooth richness of the avocado sorbet. I can only imagine how Jason came up with that one, but they do go together. The slices of watermelon provided another dimension, and I really enjoyed the gingery crunch of the biscuit crumble.

What did we think about Jason’s Little Kitchen supper club?

As I mentioned before, the open plan space allowed us to see Jason working away, preparing this feast for his guests. Ably assisted by his proud day and support team, it was clear to see the obvious passion Jason has for his craft and it certainly showed in the tastes of his dishes. It was a pleasure to finally meet Jason and to sample his cooking.

I would encourage you to keep an eye out for his next supper club and book your place to experience this talented young man’s cooking for yourself.

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