Organic, natural products sourced from all over Africa, make up the rejuvenating ingredients in a new luxury skincare brand called Epara, a bespoke range for the woman of colour.

Cocoon yourself in luxury with Epara SkincareEpara, which means “to cocoon oneself”, consists of an elegantly packaged collection of 10 products including a moisturising face cream, cleansing lotion and hydrating serum, all bursting with naturally and ethically sourced ingredients from Africa. Beauty aficionados will be familiar with wonderful properties of Moringa from Kenya, Marula from South Africa, Argan from Morocco and Shea from Ghana, just some of the components working together to give Epara products their proven efficacy, smooth textures and beautiful aromas.

Cocoon yourself in luxury with Epara Skincare

We were invited to the press launch of this much-needed skincare range and met the founder, Nigerian-born Ozohu Adoh, who gave up a lucrative career in the oil and gas industry to follow her dream to create this range of luxury skincare that caters to the unique yet underserved needs of women of colour.

Ozohu’s philosophy is: “Before clothes, jewellery, shoes or make-up, it’s your skin that must first be elegant. When women of colour use Epara, I want them to look and feel amazing because they know they’ve chosen a brand that is best suited for women of colour. They can go out into the world each day exuding confidence.”

Watch the interview below to discover, in her own words, the personal circumstances that led her to create and launch Epara Skincare.



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