It’s not by accident that one of the most uttered beauty phrases in recent years is ‘eyebrows on fleek’, showing the importance these arched features are to have a flawless face.

How to get your eyebrows on fleek!We recently caught up with celebrity beauty groomer and founder of Nails & Brows, Sherrille Riley, to give us the lowdown on how to get our eyebrows on fleek.

On current trends for eyebrows

The look for brows right now is au natural; styled but naturally and not too sharp. We’ve moved away from the really high arch to a more natural soft line. The look you’re going for is the full, un-plucked and un-tweezed look, just styled.


On their signature “Audrey” look?

How to get your eyebrows on fleek! We were inspired by the classic timelessness of Audrey Hepburn but we’ve adapted a modern twist for our version. It’s still quite a straight line, we’ve kind of softened it and got rid of the arch. Having the arch is nice to open the eyes but with the original Audrey, it closes back at the wrong point, so with our shape, it opens the eyes consistently. It’s just a beautiful consistent natural look, really fresh and it’s suitable for everybody.


Name three eyebrow no-nos

How to get your eyebrows on fleek!Don’t shave your brows! That’s a definite no-no. Secondly, try not to do them yourself, especially when you’re younger, not even tweezing. Go to a professional. I’ve met thousands of women who’ve been tweezing themselves and their brows just won’t grow back. Finally, don’t make them thin. About 40 years ago it was very trendy to have super thin brows, not anymore. The women who did that back then are struggling to grow them back today.


Three products for killer eyebrows

You need a good quality pencil, to fill in the gaps in the hair and for defining the shape. The brand we use is Damone Roberts. His products are amazing, that’s what we use and it is exclusive to us in the UK.
You definitely need a brow brush, just like you have a hair brush, after all, your brows are hair! Finally, you need to set them with a nice gel to ensure that they remain in formation!

Company CEO #DamoneRoberts rocking the D.R pencil for #eyebrows in “Minx”, and finished off with our clear #browgel.

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