This is just one of the questions that some men are going online to find the answer to.

The wellbeing and mental health of our menfolk is important, particularly with the prevalence of mental health episodes among black men. Man of the moment, boxing star Anthony Joshua, along with a number of other well-known names, is bringing the issue to light through a hard-hitting new campaign called #isitokforguys.

The campaign, by grooming brand Lynx, seeks to break the ‘rules of masculinity’ following hard-hitting research on modern masculinity which is seeing some guys heading to the internet for answers to questions they can’t face asking out loud. From “is it ok for guys to cry” to “is it ok for guys to have long hair”!

#IsItOkForGuys To Cry?

Some other distressing stats in the study revealed that 57% of UK guys are told that ‘real men’ should behave a certain way, 51% believe they need to ‘act tough’ and more than half have had thoughts of suicide.

#IsItOkForGuys To Cry?

It’s a major coup for the campaign to feature boxing star Anthony Joshua, a symbol of strength and masculinity, and a number of well-known men, including Wiley, Reggie Yates and MistaJam and many others, to lend their voice to inspire men to be themselves through a series of films and interviews where they answer the most searched questions on Google.

One of the questions asks; Is it ok for men to do yoga?

Anthony Joshua said:

“I’m proud to look after my body in whatever way I can and yoga plays a big part in improving performance, strength and flexibility. I’m working with Lynx to open up and help more guys be the men they want to be.”


Watch Anthony Joshua answer some more #isitokforguys guestions


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