Brand Naomi is expanding to fashion and beauty accessories with the debut of Naomi Campbell Design on Starlite Shop, a Spanish-based online sales platform, which specialises in celebrity brands.

It seems strange that the original supermodel hasn’t delved into this space before now, considering her experiences, beauty and fashion clout.

Naomi Campbell launches her own beauty and fashion brand

The supermodel has been very involved in shaping her collection which is all about simplicity and elegance. Naomi Campbell Design conveys the fashion icon’s essence and personality: “Forming a part of Starlite Shop is a great opportunity for me to share my creations with people around the world. This means so much to me”, explains Naomi, adding “my designs reflect myself. They remind me of the places I have travelled, they are born from the fragrances, colours and textures that I love.”

Naomi Campbell launches her own beauty and fashion brandThe collection will include watches and sunglasses as well as mobile phone cases, but so far just her line of 14 nail varnishes in vibrant tones have been released. This collection has four colour themes inspired by landscapes and destinations, from the essential basics such as passion red, through to the metallic pigments that are a major trend this season.

Naomi Campbell launches her own beauty and fashion brandDiscover her brand in


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