Planning a mini break with your Valentine or family time with the kids during the February half-term, and travelling light?? We’ve put together a friendly reminder of what you can and can’t put in your hand or hold luggage.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be THAT person who gets detained by airport security to be schooled in front of holier than thou spectators.

Here’s a short list of what you CAN’T take on flights in either your hand or hold luggage.

Hair Stuff

Your carefully sourced and probably expensive hair products are fine to travel in your case, but in your carry on? It’s a big NO! The issue I have is the 100ml limit. My natural hair usually laughs at the amount of conditioner you get in a typical free sample sachet. I liken the free sample to a 100ml bottle of leave in conditioner! It’s a dry hair nightmare waiting to happen.



See above there’s a 100ml limit for liquids going in your carry on. However, they all have to fit in one clear bag that MUST be closed. That’s shower gel, shampoo, cream, toothpaste, leave in conditioner, gel, perhaps a liquid eyeliner – all in one bag. One 20cm x 20cm bag – shocking! Though I do advise you buy things like shower gel and toothpaste when you reach your destination, but if you are an educated hair product buyer like I am, then I would advise you stick to buying certain hair products (sulphate and paraben free!) You also can’t empty half a 200ml bottle out to make 100ml either, the container must be 100ml or less.



Outside of the EU you are not allowed to bring in any meat, potatoes or dairy products back to the UK. Though you can breathe a sigh of relief as you’ll be happy to know, that Saltfish (to complete your very important Ackee and Saltfish breakfast) you wanted to bring back, IS allowed. You can bring back a combined 20KG weight of fish in various forms. Thank the heavens above for plantain and avocado as both are allowed in too, up to 2KG worth with the stipulation that it has to be for your family or friends, and not for resale!



Believe it or not, you can’t take your darts, golf club, racquet, snooker cube, or fishing rod with you. No doubt to ensure it is not a weapon of choice for any reason other than thrashing your opponent on the green.  You’ll have to hire or buy it once you land.



Planning on cutting your sister’s ends off? (even though you told her you only wanted a trim!). Well you’ll need to know that if you have scissors with a blade longer than 6cm these unfortunately can’t go in your hand luggage and although you can carry it in your hold luggage, it’s worth double checking with the airline.


So make sure you have a little think before chucking any and everything into the case that doesn’t result in watching your poor scissors being melted at security right in front of your eyes! It’s happened to me and I can assure you, it wasn’t pretty!

Happy travelling!

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