The New Year is traditionally observed as the perfect time for fresh starts and gathering courage to do something new.

Investing in support and guidance from professionals like life coaches and mentors is always useful, yet we should remember that experience and hindsight are also great teachers. The popular saying: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, rings true for many of us, and so we have gathered our own ‘village’ in the form of 10 female amazons, over the age of 30, who have strived and reached the top of their game. We asked them to reflect on what they would tell their 15 year old selves. Their responses are beautiful and inspirational. What would you say to your 15-year old self? Share in the comments section below.


angie-le-mar-the-original-004Angie Le Mar

Actor, Writer, Director, Presenter, Producer and Britain’s first Black stand up Comedienne

Start with LOVING yourself. It sounds easy, but it takes a life time. The ‘weight issue’ is neither here nor there, just make sure you play some kind of sport, failing that make sure you continue to dance, because you love it. Stay in love with books, they will be your best friends.

You are beautiful and you are going to grow even more beautiful with age.

Some of what you thought were mistakes are your greatest achievements to date. That child that people looked down on you for having early, he’s your greatest joy. This life is a journey, you are going to cry, you are going to laugh and sometimes you’ll be confused as to what to do next. You will love, lose and hurt, the hurt will be deep, because it will be done by those close to you. However, you will find love and kindness in the strangest places from the people you never thought you would, and with that you will just keep on believing and flying. Stay focused and never stop praying.

 Also, that mad idea you had about making people laugh, guess what?…



Melysah Charles


(The younger me probably wouldn’t even take my advice but that said I’m a good listener so at least I’d hear me out).

Your strengths include wearing your heart on your sleeve, being an open book, happily engaging in conversation. You are a passionate communicator but it is important to guard your personal life a little better. You do not have to tell all of your ‘friends’ your personal information (especially those who do not reciprocate), and recognize that sharing personal information with such ‘friends’ will leave you feeling vulnerable.

Never give up on your hobbies or talents because it’s really important to invest in your dreams. Whether it’s an athletic career, writing, playing an instrument or just a general change of career, focus and prioritize it. Life will throw you some really unfortunate situations, which will make it difficult to regroup but you will survive, just keep up the momentum.



Hayley Alexander

Event Manager

Always invest in yourself – it offers the best return possible!

Travel often; increase your knowledge, financially pay yourself.

Find a passion, give back and never forget to celebrate your victories!



Elaine Adu-Poku

Digital Marketing Expert

Handle your money wisely!

There’s no reason to have opened that store card, or gone clothes shopping on Oxford Street…again…as you have enough clothing and shoes.

Instead, save and you’ll be able to buy your dream house in West London.


akua-gyamfiAkua Gyamfi

Founder of The BritishBlackList

Stop worrying about what people think. Speak up and speak your truth. If anyone is offended by you speaking your truth, then they’re not for you.

Stop feeling guilty for feeling angry. If someone upsets you, it’s not for you to make them feel okay, it’s not for you to explain why they made you upset, especially if they’re not willing to acknowledge what they did in the first place. Don’t bury your feelings. People won’t change their attitude or behaviour towards you if they don’t know that what they’re doing is affecting you.

Don’t be afraid to make demands about what you want. Be clear about how you want things to be. People respect those who are in control of what they want and aren’t afraid to make it clear. This is not about being rude or aggressive but about setting boundaries with clarity so no one is confused.

Be more open with your mother. She’s more understanding than you think… (well actually she’s not – lol) but she’s a lot more tolerant than you give her credit for. In amongst the ranting and shouting she’s actually a first class banter queen with unending valuable wisdom. Be patient with her. Speaking of motherhood, you’re going to be a fantastic mother!


rachel-ritfeldRachel Ritfeld

Model, Actress and Business woman

You will have your heart broken and it will feel like it will never heal, but it will. Your pain will become a source of inspiration, it will teach you compassion, humility and patience. It is part of a journey and not the destination. There is a love greater than any love your mind can currently imagine, however it starts with truly, entirely, unconditionally loving yourself. Once you have mastered that, your heart will be overflowing with love, and life will be filled with the success you so ambitiously desire. Remember not to give up your independence once you get into a relationship because your self-esteem is closely linked to it.

Your health is important and the complications you experience will teach you to never neglect yourself.

Trust your intuition, The Universe conspires for your success, believe it and let it guide you! And never forget; Success doesn’t equal money, success is having a healthy balanced life.


Teri Walker

Terri Walker

Soul Singer and Songwriter

You are enough! Don’t rush to keep up. Find your own rhythm and perfect it to the point that it’s like breathing. Make whatever your passion or purpose is to be something that YOU DO!

Nobody can do what you do as there is only ONE you!

Embrace your flaws and celebrate them. This in turn takes away the power from anyone trying to exploit them.

Last but not least my young Queen, choose happiness because you deserve it!


sioban-coplandSiobhan Copland

Professional Matchmaker, Dating Coach and Presenter

Choose love over fear.

Leaving the security of a well-paid job to start your own business, especially one that does not really seem like a feasible business is scary, but let your love for what you do overcome the fear and you’ll soon realise that you have good foresight.

There are no certainties that things will work out the way you planned, but sometimes that’s also a blessing. You will be rejected but this will lead you to even better places. Don’t fear failure, every success story has a history of failure, it’s your resilience and determination, that determine your success. Even though you will fail your driving test 8 times (!) you will eventually become a confident and good driver. You can give up or get back up.


simone-bresi-andoSimone Bresi-Ando


All the things you doubt about yourself now, will become your strengths. They will become your most valuable tools to navigate your way to the freedom of your dreams and the avoidance of pitfalls. Your rise will be labour intensive but magical, you’ll meet some wonderful people who believe in you and trust you at levels you didn’t think possible. You must remember that you are all you’ll ever need. You are enough, your resources will always come through when needed and you will know love.

Trust in the process, remember to breathe and don’t eat more doughnuts than you juice. You are love.


jenny-francisJenny Francis aka Lady of Soul

UK Radio Presenter/Producer 

Stay focused, work hard, stay true to yourself and never compromise who you are to accommodate or mimic others. You are blessed with uniqueness, celebrate it!

Inspire others when you can and try to avoid cutting corners or taking shortcuts, it certainly isn’t against the rules but ultimately, true talent and passion for what you do will shine through!

Apart from that, getting to the top too fast could keep you from having some amazing experiences along the way. Sharing a God-given talent and being respected just for being you is humbling but it also gives you an exhilarating feeling and keeps you driven on those trying days (we all have them) Enjoy the journey!



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