Stats show that women in Britain effectively work for free from 10 November until the end of the year due to the disparity in earnings with their male colleagues.

With the gender pay gap not closing fast enough and with ever more women seeing the light and striking out on their own as entrepreneurs, it’s important that we know how to be confident about our worth and abilities and ask for what we deserve. Step in Coach Lyds, a successful Business Success Coach who is passionate about helping women to have more impact and confidence in asking for what they want. To this end, she recently organised and hosted a masterclass on how to ‘Pitch 2 Perfect’ and get what you want.

Coach Lyds is rightly proud of her track record of coaching thousands of men and women, helping them transition into new roles, guiding them to getting noticed, promoted and ultimately, paid more.

In addition to Coach Lyds, the Pitch 2 Perfect event roster included special guests Melinda Rogers (The Telegraph), Raspreet Sagoo (Founder of Divine Sacred Soul) and Tala Kayali (Founder of TKSmartNutrition) who were the perfect examples for the room full of entrepreneurs, business owners and career professionals who wanted to become more visible, have more impact in business and in their careers.

Coach Lyds said:

“It was a fantastic and empowering event. Our aim was to demonstrate, how with the right tools and resources it’s possible to create opportunity and balance. Together with my esteemed special guests, we were able to share our top tips on the most effective ways to self-promote and to stand out from the crowd.”

So what are these “Top Tips”?

Top Five Take Away’s from Pitch Perfect to Network for Women

Pitch-PerfectRas Sagoo, Holistic Practitioner, Founder Divine Sacred Soul
Follow your passions, have faith to invest in yourself and most importantly, INVEST in yourself. Self-investment is the only investment guaranteed to give you a high return on investment. The best project you will ever work on is YOU..invest wisely in this masterpiece.


Pitch-PerfectMelinda Rogers, The Telegraph
Be resilient and learn from rejection and your failures, make them propel you towards success. Be true to yourself, and as authentic as you can be. Conform only when you have to, but true change is to be the change, get up there and change things yourself and make way for those following.



Pitch-PerfectTala Kayali, Nutritionist, PT & Founder of TKSmartNutrition
Have the confidence to invest in yourself and find a solid mentor to guide and take your knowledge from inside of your head and convert it into a meaningful business or career. Also work with a thought leader in your desired field and look at ways in which those experts have achieved success and implement those strategies into your career or business.


Pitch-PerfectCoach Lyds – Business Success Coach
To Pitch Perfect, remember planning is essential, firstly research your audience, who are they, what improvements or expertise do they require, then tailor your message to their specific needs, wants and desires. There is no point boring the hinds socks off a donkey and disrespecting your audience or prospect with lack of research.

Also, my top five Ps to Pitch Perfect are; Practice your message, be Precise in your communications, bring your Personality to the room, engage with real Presence and hold your space, and most of all keep it Professional at all times.


In conclusion, Coach Lyds said:

I am passionate about helping women find their voice and stand in their own power, once the seed is planted they become more visible, create more impact and ultimately start making more money. Kerching! You will be like the regular 10% of people you surround yourself with, go figure.


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