Joy Joses – Founder and Editor-in-chief

Joy is the founder and editor-in-chief of She lives in East London with her husband and two sons. Right from a young age, Joy always knew that she would someday launch a magazine. After achieving her journalism degree from City University, Joy embarked on a successful communications career that has spanned two decades, before finally deciding to pursue her ambition of publishing an online lifestyle magazine for women of colour. Joy’s ambition for is for it to be that go-to online platform for women of colour everywhere, a place that they can recognise themselves, their experiences and the things that are important to them, in the content.





Claire Clottey – Contributor

Claire is a multi-award winning broadcast journalist who has found her niche as a culturally and socially conscious commentator in the world of media and events. Claire has hosted and been involved in numerous high profile events such as the Black Film Makers International Film Festival and Screen Nation Awards.

Claire Clottey is also a qualified community development specialist who empowers and champions young people, women and the African diaspora.

Follow Claire: @claireclottey





Lerease Sweeney – Travel Contributor

Lerease started out assisting her Dad with large promotional events in the UK and abroad from the tender age of 15. Ten years later, just a few years after completing her degree in Music Industry Management and Marketing, she entered the corporate world of Marketing and Events.

Lerease has a real passion for travel and since the age of four has visited an impressive 22 countries worldwide. She started her blog,  two years ago to document her journeys abroad. She now hopes to inspire others to get up, use that passport and see the world!






Cherise Rhoden – Contributor

Londoner, and mum to a young son, Cherise, has a wealth of experience in the social work field and advice and guidance.

Combined with a vast knowledge of the events industry, she has her finger on the pulse on a range of current issues and hot topics that will be covered in






Khadija Yusra Sanusi – Contributor

Khadija Yusra Sanusi is currently studying at The American University of Paris, where she is double majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. She has written for a number of leading publications including South Africa’s Mail, The Guardian online newspaper, The Huffington Post and also for The African Leadership Magazine.








Vanessa Thomas – Book Contributor

Vanessa, aka Blaquereads, describes herself as a book obsessed, extroverted introvert! An avid reader, she recently made the decision to only/ primarily read books written by Black authors, deciding to share this journey on social media. She will be sharing her thoughts and reviews on books and literary events in our book section.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @blaquereads and her blog






Leanne Lindsey – Contributor

Leanne is a freelance writer specialising in personal development, career and lifestyle topics. She is also a qualified careers adviser and certified life coach who loves inspiring, motivating and empowering women to create happy, healthy lives they love. She lives in a permanent state of wanderlust and is always looking for ways to satisfy her love of desserts on a mostly plant-based and sugar-free diet.

You can connect with her via her website, Instagram: @leanne__lindsey or Twitter: @leanne_lindsey.





Sue Omar – Contributor

Sue is a London-based journalist, specialising in beauty, health and style. With more than five years of industry experience, Sue has the inside scoop on all of the latest launches and trends in beauty and fashion. Sue launched her journalism career as an editorial intern at Pride Magazine. Sue then when on to work full-time at beauty supplement – Spell Magazine.

A self-proclaimed fitness junkie, Sue Omar’s YouTube channel has attracted over half a million viewers world-wide who have connected with her personal weight loss journey. Sue’s story has been featured in major media outlets including UK Women’s Health Magazine and BBC Radio 5 Live on Adrian Chiles’ breakfast show.





Karen Rollins – Contributor

Karen Rollins is a freelance multimedia professional. She has previously worked as a broadcast journalist and producer in online, TV and radio newsrooms at leading media organisations including ITN, Al Jazeera English, Reuters and the BBC. Karen was born and raised in London but currently lives in Barbados.





Jodine Willams – Photographer

Jodine is currently completing a masters in sports psychology, but fell in love with photography along the way. She started her photography journey in February 2016 and wants to showcase a side of black culture that is not often seen. She works with fashion bloggers, brands and models and has branched out to cultural events too. She believes photography helps to show beauty that is otherwise missed in the world.





Jennifer Adetoro – Editorial Intern

Jennifer is currently attending Goldsmiths, University of London, where she is completing her masters in Journalism. A lover of music as well as a critic of society, she has written for the i newspaper and currently, also writes for music blog, PardonMyBlog.

Follow Jennifer on Twitter and Instagram: @JenniferToro_.






Bethany Deer – Beauty Intern

Proud Londoner, Bethany is just starting her career in the media industry. While she has a passion for music and motivational thinking, she will be focusing on another favourite area, the beauty industry for Currently studying Journalism at London South Bank University, she also writes her own blog where she writes about her experiences growing up in London, to her current favourite bronzer.






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