Have you ever been drawn to a vibrant, bold shade of makeup, toyed with the idea of buying it, and then put it down and walked away because it’s ‘too young’ or ‘loud’? This feature delves into the reasons why do so many women, particularly those over the age of 30, feel the need to stop wearing vibrant coloured makeup?

As a makeup artist, I see this behaviour all too often. Of course, the natural, understated make up look is beautiful, and everyone has a right to be comfortable with their appearance, and I champion that, but I also see many women make the choice to only ever wear simple and minimal makeup simply for the reason that they feel that as they are a certain, more mature age, they shouldn’t draw attention to themselves.

I know many women who absolutely love vibrant eyeshadow or lipsticks but choose to ditch them for nudes and browns and would rather compliment others more daring choices than to be complimented themselves. If this is you, please believe that age should not determine your choice of colours in makeup. Bold colours CAN look good on mature women and can be fun and lively, as long as it is applied accurately.

We sought the views of a couple of beautiful women of colour to find out their views.

Social work manager, Alison Catello, discussed her perspective on makeup colours and beauty. She said: “In terms of eyeshadow, I tend to wear more subtle colours because I like it to look a bit more natural. And yes, during the day I tend to wear colours like this (natural, nude colour) on my lips, but in the evenings I always wear bright red lipstick, and it is very red.”

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Alison Catello

Alison also suggested that some women’s personal insecurities could also be a reason why they abstain from bold colours because they believe this could draw unwanted attention to their looks.

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Veronica Jegede

Wonderfully natural, Veronica Jegede, rightly offered the point that individuality is part of beauty and mature women should freely express their beauty the way they want. She said: “You can wear whatever you want, and if you want to wear blue lipstick, do it because at the end of the day you are doing it for yourself.”

If this feature resonated with you and you would like to start experimenting with more bold makeup choices, you can begin by wearing brighter makeup colours in the evenings. Also remember that you can still rock brighter colours, by toning them down to a shade that you are comfortable with through mixing them with darker shades.


For further inspiration, here are two makeup artists and beauty influencers for you to look up for inspiration and tutorials.

Priscilla Bhangu:
Instagram @priscillafvb

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Instagram @kk_glamovers

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