How did you use the extra hour you gained when the clocks went back last weekend (Sunday 30 October)?

With the colder, darker night’s drawing in, you’d think people would use the extra hour constructively, perhaps spending more time with family and friends, or even boosting their sex life – think again! It was revealed that almost half of Brits (48%) spent the extra hour in bed sleeping, with just 4% of the population opting to have sex with their partner.

It may come as no surprise that women are less likely to get amorous with a loved one, with just 2% of those surveyed stating that they’ll use the added hour to engage in extra nookie, in comparison to 6% of men. The survey, by luxury bed manufacturer, Harrison Spinks*, also showed that the most amorous folk are in Nottingham with (9%) most likely to spend the time having sex, while those in Southampton clearly have better things to do, with just 2% of people from the city saying they’d use the hour to get passionate with their other half.

Binge watching a box set (4%) and staying up later (15%) all come higher up on the priority list for Brits when choosing what to do with the extra hour, with just 10% of those surveyed opting to spend the time with loved ones.

It’s no wonder we want to catch up on sleep during the hour we gain – almost one fifth (18%) of Brits regularly struggle to get a decent night’s sleep, with the most common reasons for not sleeping well cited as stress (52%), being too hot or too cold (43%) and uncomfortable beds (20%).

Partners are also one of the biggest roots of our sleeping woes, with 27% of Brits admitting that their other half’s snoring or sleep talking regularly keeps them awake, while noisy neighbours are the reason a quarter of the population aren’t getting a full night’s rest (25%).

However you chose to spend the extra hour, we hope it was worth it!

*The survey was commissioned by luxury bed manufacturer, Harrison Spinks:
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